Do you think 343 will take away Instant Spawn


It’s a core feature built in to the game for a reason. I highly doubt it. If you don’t want instant spawning, play Objective.

One can only hope :confused:

Nope, this is their game and they will find some way to defend it.

Nope, I think they’re just going to only do what they had planned (Snipers, Grifball, MLG, maps, etc.) and fix glitches. That’s it.

No, as stated it is a core element. I find it annoying that I can spawn in time to finish a quick double on some dude that got me with that bolt shot from behind.

I think so, going into custom games show the respawn times are 3 seconds, yet you can instant spawn when playing. I have the feeling it’s glitched, rather than an intended core mechanic.

I am more afraid that other stuff won’t be patched, like turning off sprint for custom, descoping, dropping a flag etc. Those things are core features unfortunately.

As far as I know they will not remove it.
Instant spawn is the main/core feature of the game.
I highly doubt they are going to remove it.