Do you think 343 did well with forge?

I don’t think so…

For me the biggest issue I have is that they didn’t address the issue of the bland colour scheme from Reach’s forge. Everything still looks the same just white instead of grey.

Magnets are annoying and don’t work very well and the budget is arguably more limiting than ever IMO.

What do you guys think?

I like Forge Island, but I prefer the uniformity that Reach had with Forge. Halo 4’s pieces just look all mismatched with the holes, rounded corners, and filthy textures.

Halo: Reach for me. Better environments and better possibilities with Custom Games.

> Halo: Reach for me. Better environments and better possibilities with Custom Games.

Nailed it.

Forge could be a lot better. Some of the things shouldn’t be too hard to fix, either:

  1. The coordinate editing is crap because the increments are too big. If you want to get rid of the flashing polygons, you have to offset objects by 0.1m, which makes things look terrible.

  2. There are too few objects available. There are plenty of small pieces, but not enough big ones (particularly when it comes to natural objects). More big pieces would also help reduce budget consumption.

  3. The base color should be selectable, not just the trim color.

  4. The grate/plate/etc. textures on the pieces should be able to be turned on or off so you can connect them in the middle without making it look stupid by truncating the texture.

  5. Corner type (i.e., rounded or square) should be selectable.

  6. Clearer windows when you’re on the brighter side. The windows are damn near opaque on the side that has the light source.

  7. Make the camera immune to gravity lifts. That’s just really annoying.

  8. AND FOR PETE’S SAKE, QUIT MAKING THE CAMERA MOVE WHEN I MANIPULATE OBJECTS!!! If I select an object when I’m a nanometer away from it, then that means I want to be able to manipulate it from a nanometer away. Don’t assume you know that I really want to manipulate it from 10m away and make my camera vibrate its brains out trying to get there through a wall.

Other things that would be more difficult to fix, but would be greatly improve Forge in general are:

  1. Map errors from Certain Affinity are prevalent. For example, in the area with the rock artifact on Relay, you can get stuck inside the ceiling supports because the space between the supports and the rock wall is too small. This is just one example; there are others.

  2. It would be nice to have at least a small selection of lighting options that aren’t horrific. I would like to be able to dim the lighting, or brighten it, but otherwise keep the lighting characteristics the same.

  3. The ability to save a version of the map with fully rendered phased objects. Not only would this eliminate the “generating lighting” delay, if the phased objects are fully rendered like the base environment, this would entirely eliminate splitscreen issues. If you needed to edit, go back to the editable one, perform the required edits, save, and then save a rendered version for play.

  4. A few texture options for the pieces. This is an add-on to #4 above. Plain, grate, hydraulic, etc. Choose what fits the theme.

  5. Ability to lock objects together to move them as a group.

And some things that would be neat but lesser-used:

  1. Ability to edit the environment colors (at least to a limited extent).

  2. Ability to add a water texture to floors. Would be cool to create some pools and stick lights in them so they glow. Zero effect on playability, but neat visually.

I could add more, but no one will read all of this as it is, so I’ll stop there.

P.S. I like Forge. A lot. These are suggestions to make it better, not a sideways attempt to say it sucks. Except for the automatic camera repositioning. That wholly and truly sucks.

I think 343 did great job of campaign but the rest is just rubbish

Just FYI, Forge in Halo 4 was outsourced to Certain Affinity.

343i made Forge Island though.

IDK, they added magnets, copying and locking but removed zooming and precision editing, also it would be nice to turn of the dynamic lighting so i doesn’t take forever to go back to a spartan.

Halo 3 had the best aeshetics, with large and different colored containers, and two entirely different maps (Foundry and Sandbox).

Halo Reach had the best environment.

I know it is pretty old, but this is pretty much the best way to describe the Forge mode in Halo 4.

I don’t see the huge problem with Forge in Halo 4 (besides from the lack of precision editing and zoom). Magnets, duplication, trait zones, and gravity volumes were all welcomed editions (along with smaller touches such as locking items and highlighting objects when you hover over them).

As for the actual Forge maps, that’s a whole nother debate. But that could have been avoided if 343 made Forge a -Yoinking!- full-fledged map creator! :slight_smile:

The limitation of Custom Games is not really Forge’s fault either. They are completely independent of one another.

Besides, didn’t Certain Affinity design Halo 4’s Forge, not 343? Either way, I chose Halo 4 as my favorite Forge.

I think 343i/Certain Affinity did a great job with Forge. They addressed some of the complaints from Reach (same boring old gray color with the same boring old environments over and over and over again [not saying I complained about those things, just saying majority did]) by making different pallets/environments/maps. They added great new features (Generating Lighting, magnets, duplication, Dominion ascetics, gravity volumes, player trait zones). They also did a great job with the current-gen console limitations. They also made a new (Free, btw) Forge map that was something that the Forge community wanted, which was a completely flat space to forge on. They also added trees (Something that’s been wanted since Halo 3) and green screens for Machinima directors.

Sure, there’s some things that they did bad on. But overall, I believe they did a great job with Forge in Halo 4. And I can’t wait for Halo 5’s Forge! I just know 343i’s going to go nuts with that next-gen!

> I know it is pretty old, but this is pretty much the best way to describe the Forge mode in Halo 4.

Never gets old, because it’s true!!!___XD

I like Halo 4’s forge. Maps and custom game options are a different discussion.

I just don’t see the problem people have with magnets. I use them on a regular basis and I just don’t see what the fuss is about. A single magnet sphere connects in three ways I’ve found that that’s the only thing I need to look out for and it’s all fine.

The objects lighting up when you go over them was a good idea along with the duplication and object lock options.

I haven’t actually noticed any issues with the budget but I’ll take your word for it if it’s gotten worse since Reach. There’s also a lack of the zoom on the monitor and with that precision editing but these are about the only bad things. I’d say that they were good trade ins but I’m confidant they’ll be addressed in future games.

I’d say that the texture options are certainly an improvement. Changing the color on objects is a lot more noticeable and the different textures from map to map was a nice touch.

We’ve gotten a lot out of Halo 4’s forge but lost a few things but I think it’s been improved over all.

I think if we could have better environments and custom options with Halo 4’s forge that would be perfect but aging technology has given us limited options and lacking environments.

Halo X1 is gonna be AWESOME!

I think there are a lot of improvements over Reach’s Forge, but there are a lot of things that they could’ve changed or fixed:

  • Missing fine editing tool from Reach (Holding in the Left Stick would make you move slower). There is also no zoom feature.

  • Most of the objects are re skinned Reach pieces. I would have liked to have seen a lot of brand new pieces.

  • While there are more forge maps, they are very limiting. There are hardly any flat places to forge on. This was one of the problems I had with Forge World and they have fixed this problem with the release of Forge Island.

  • While I do prefer the white UNSC theme over the gray Forerunner theme from Halo Reach, the textures of the forge pieces are sometimes really ugly and they look really messy. Sometimes the simpler the look the better.

  • The Visual FX need a good upgrade. The majority of the time they look absolutely horrible. It’d be great if we could just customization them ourselves (Change the Brightness, Saturation, Contrast etc.) so that we can make our Forge map look the way we like.

Those are my main problems. Apart from those, I think everything else is an improvement of Halo Reach. I think another one of the problems is that there are a lot of Custom Games game types and options that haven’t carried over from Reach, which limits Custom Games more.

It’s good, but as someone here stated, the little holes and curves in the pieces are too much.

Certain Affinity made Halo 4 Forge and proved that they knew nothing about what made it great. They butchered it.

They forgot the precision editing tool or just left it out, because they thought magnets would replace it, not thinking that we did things other than stick squares together.

They forgot to put in the standard camera zoom that we have in Theater. To this day, I still instictively click the thumb stick when I feel like just looking at something far away.

It’s very frustrating to be used to usefull tools only to have them taken away in the next game.

Kill zones and the lack of free roaming high above maps on non-forge maps, WTF, why? I’d rather bump my head on an invisible wall than to run into a kill zone that I can’t delete.

CA needs to learn how we Forgers think outside of the box, plain and simple.

EDIT: …and about the holes in the pieces… Anyone who’s ever took the time to forge a map or play on other forged maps, knows that the big walls are used for floors more than anything else. So why did CA make our big walls look like walls with holes that would never be used ad floors? Because they were not forgers and didn’t seek any advise from the community.

I thought 343i barely did anything on Forge and just got Certain Affinity to work on it.

Anyways, I’m not much of a Forger but I thought that Reach’s editor was amazing. A whole lot better than Halo 4’s, IMO.

It would have been nice if the Magnets worked better and you could disable the Dynamic Lighting until you finish the map. It can get annoying coming in and out from Editor Mode and having to wait a few moments (before building) each time.

> I like Forge Island, but I prefer the uniformity that Reach had with Forge. Halo 4’s pieces just look all mismatched with the holes, rounded corners, and filthy textures.

Essentially this.

What Halo 4 did get right however, was the ability to make themed maps. Regardless of that, Reach was better for overall map design because it was far easier to make things look and play nice.

There were a few bad blocks, but for the most part you could construct a strcuture with any block that didn’t have to conform to human styles. The same cannot be said for Halo 4 (without it looking terrible, for the most part).

Forge Island was good, but far to bland of a pallets. That’s saddening, because the rocks and trees were fantastic to forge with.

I don’t know. As much as I like some of the features in Halo 4’s forge mode I’m probably gonna go with Halo: Reach because it wasn’t so…ugly.

The textures in Reach may have been a constant grey but at least it blended well with the maps. This stuff just looks really off.

Not to mention, I don’t know who designed that new Forge Monitor, or who made the textures but they did a very poor job of it. The textures are such a low quality and the model itself is just awful. It doesn’t look anything like a Monitor should.