Do YOU spend Money on Cosmetics and why?

Nope. Never have and never will. I just play to have fun and earn what is in the battlepass just as an incentive of challenging myself

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what?? getting guns isn’t the major draw of a battle pass. At least not for me, and probably others I would assume.

I don’t play cod, but I do play apex and I don’t give 2 yoinks about unlocking anything for guns. I’m in the battle passes for unique drop in animations, unique finishing moves, skins for characters, emotes, etc.

I think Halo’s is an ok attempt at a battle pass, but needs more stuff for free players and needs more armor pieces/stances/etc and less xp boosts/challenge swaps.

Just an update: last time I was on this thread I said that I would never spend money in the store. This is no longer true. When Tenrai came back, I was so desperate to paint my samurai green that I shelled out the ten bucks for the coating. No sooner was the deed done, that I regretted my choice. Once bitten, twice shy.


Yeah, I have to admit, with most of the bundles on offer in the shop, I think there’s no doubt they’ll come back on offer at some point. But for the Yoroi bundles, I do fear that they’ll only be available for the 6 weeks the event occurs. Say a year from now, are they really gonna be putting up bundles that require a core that a good chunk of the population at that time won’t have and will never be able to unlock as they didn’t have the game during the first season?

What do you mean by « paying a subscription fee for a single game »?

Premium Battlepasses are basically subscription fees.

Great point, it is pretty stupid but hey I personally love collecting things. There is no point though, I don’t own anything and if the decide they are shutting shop that is all my money down the drain. Quite pathetic really if you think about how cool games like Tenchu and other were, without any crappy BP or Shop.


They’re overpriced virtual cosmetics. A total waste of money. If the cosmetics were like a dollar or two then I could see spending a bit of pocket change. The price/value proposition is completely laughable.

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We find it very hard to get together for a split screen round. My best time for a game is around 3 to 6 p.m. Hubby has to much to do with the cattle, at that time. We do have 3 daughters. Hubby and the daughter still living at home, used to play a lot of splitscreen, but she now has her own X-Box, in her room. They are more doing co-op, on the 2 x-boxes. Our eldest daughter is 33 ( lives with her Hubby and our grandkids ). When the first X-Box came out, Dad and daughter did nothing but splitscreen. I can also remember my eldest doing 4 player splitscreen, with 3 boys from her high school. ( a lot of concerned Dad remarks with that LOL ) But she would win most of the time. One boy, Jason, used to get really cranky because she constantly killed him. I can remember him sooking, " Just let me spawn, just let me spawn". She would get a rocket launcher and sniper rifle on Halo1 Slayer and be almost unbeatable.

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20 character limit is bad

I’m in the same boat as you. I find the cosmetics entertaining and in Halo Reach, because I could wear the armor in campaign, I was pretty interested in ranking up and getting gear. In a way I can compare that to the battle pass system, it’s satisfying to unlock things as I play and generally I like some of the armors, but holy damn I would never just buy some random piece of armor. In a moment of weakness I spent the $10 on the battlepass, but was disappointed in it immediately and regretted it.

I only purchased the ‘controller charm’ and the ‘battle pass’, nothing else has appealed to me at their current price points.

which is a lot less then they promised for customization or at the least told us we’d get.