Do YOU spend Money on Cosmetics and why?

I haven’t spent a cent on this game’s cosmetics, I bought campaign, but not cosmetics. The only reason I would get the battle pass is because pf the engineer AI and the Reach armor core.
What I find funny is that most (f2p) people have over 100 hours on this game and don’t have a single helmet. In previous games, if you had 100 hours invested into the game, you would be showering in armor pieces. Hell, you could unlock recon in your first 150 hrs if you were tempted enough. Here, you unlock a helmet for the basic armor core by reaching level 30ish. If you’re not a very grindy person like me, you would be frustrated. I’m not as mad at the cosmetics as other people, and I think if they added a few pieces or sets to unlock by reaching a milestone or doing something in campaign, it would not fix all of the problems but it would give more customization.

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Guy, no one thinks armor variants will affect their gameplay performance. Why do you keep posting this like it’s gonna be a revelation to someone? Some of us like to change the looks of our character. Value is subjective. Just because you find no value in customization doesn’t mean someone else who spent money for that “wasted” it, because obviously to him it wasn’t a waste, as he valued the customization more than the money he spent.


Yeah, I like being lied to. It’s a good way to build trust :man_facepalming:


Best to ignore him, you can explain reasons why & will completely ignores everything you said & repeats the same crap all the time makes you wonder if he’s just taking the yoink out of it


I wonder who you’re talking to who believes that the cosmetics are anything more than cosmetics…

Obviously they don’t matter for gameplay.
Obviously they are all overpriced at this time.
They have *some* value, in the form of customer satisfaction, not in gameplay.

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While I definitely have to pass on a lot of the pay only cosmetics, there are a few I’d love to have. Alas, I hold my card back and refrain from spending money on the game, at least until everything is more reasonably priced that is. I’d love to have the Iron Man color palette for sure though.

See it would be really nice if everything in the market was able to be gotten through just playing with the market being the ‘I don’t have time to grind it out, so I’ll just buy it’ like smart F2P games do.

Sadly yes, solely to create a Spartan that looks like both Master Chief and Jorge combined. Other than that, it was simply not worth it at all. The customization needs both massive expansion and total removal of the restrictive and idiotic armor core system. Let us pick our own colors and coating variations on any armor set we want. You know…LIKE THE BOTS ALREADY CAN DO?!

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I do care about cosmetics but I’ll be -Yoink!- if I’m giving 343i a dime through any microtransaction in this game. Infinite is the first Halo I refuse to buy, and I’m not even buying that battle pass with my MS rewards points until the progression and pricing is fixed.

I’ll spend money on cosmetics in a well made game when I want to support the developer. I have no intention of buying anything for Halo Infinite at the moment though.


the intro looks coooler the guns look cooler

well i had to have the cat ears and i kinda wanted the halo 2 style flash hider on the BR, i had some gift card money from christmas to use. I havn’t bought anything that’s 20, yet probably only going to get the anubis armor for that if it comes up again, I’ll be honest, though most of the prices are too high, and the limited store page is really horrible all pages should be like the HCS page. And honestly we should get more free cosmetics i really think the cat ears should have been a weekly reward.

After my 1500 hours and too much money on CSGO I’ve become incredibly numb to cosmetics and FOMO. I’ve seen it all, nothing amazes anymore, which is kind of lame actually, it sucks. Unless its earned through some cool feat, its not that cool.
But I have spent $20 on the shop for points until something I like pops up.

You talking about default controller settings?

Jesus christ man… Why would they even work on the game for you now? They already got your money…

Not in this game

343i doesn’t deserve my money, in the current game state


I’ve admittingly bought cosmetics, all for my favorite and preferred core Yoroi. Why did I buy them? Partly because I like the core, mostly because I like the items, but overall because of FOMO and the one week window they all have.

I did not buy to show off, I bought to customize how I want to.

I mean, they know me, they know what I’ve spent on H5. That’s blood in the water honestly. So if they want more from the honey pot, they’ll need to impress me.

Same here. I am 61 and my Husband is 54. Microsoft can pound sand. We have both played through the MCC challenges and unlocked awesome armour. Hubby has unlocked all the armour, helmets etc., in Halo 5 through gameplay only. He never bought one REQ pack with real money, only points earned in game. I am now working on my Halo 5. This buying cosmetics, at exorbitant prices, is an extremely foreign situation for me. We buy a disc and we pay a monthly subscription.
Here’s something else that worries me though. My daughter showed me a girl on line, who sells bottles of her bath water and sells out of them. There is another one, who sells f*rts in a jar. I would say, Microsoft has seen this and thought to themselves, " Well, we can get away with anything".



Do you guys play split-screen or separated devices?

I play split-screen with my wife every day, I’m 38, she’s 32


Nah, at least not in the shop.
Were it up to me - I’d love to pay full price for a full game with everything included to it.
Sadly, that’s not possible anymore.

I’ve bought the premium Battlepass for Halo Infinite (the first time I did something like this)
As a costumer, I expect way more stuff from the Battlepass. I’m paying a subscribption fee for one single game, most of the stuff that comes out in the lifespan of a season should be included in the premium Battlepass.

People always come with the argument “making games is more expensive than it used to be” - you’re always just showing one side of the coin.
But all these people forget to mention that the gaming industry is making more profit than ever before - more than the music & movie industry combined, the numbers are just crazy at this point.

So, don’t get me wrong but 10€ for 3 months is more than enough for 343. I don’t think that a huge company like 343, backed up by the wealthiest company on this planet needs another income to “survive”
Especially when you think about the fact that they seperated the Multiplayer from the campaign (without changing the price) and marketing it as free. Because everyone knows that the campaign will still sell millions of copies.

This game is generating tons of money through the sales of the campaign, the Battlepass, the shop & is backed by the wealthiest company on this planet.

I think noone expected this game to launch with 100% worth of content, however, if you’re game is lacking like 90% of the features, I’m not willing to support it financially down the road.

But that’s my personal take and my own principle.

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