Do you see the terminals as part of the Campaign?

Some may not see this, but for me terminals are a great place to give plot and character without interfering with gameplay. Through the terminals, you can tell bits and pieces of the story within the Campaign that gives some more insight on plot points and characters. When they started off in Halo 3, they were little easter egg tidbits for lore fans of past events with long text. In Halo: CE, we saw Spark as an insane AI bent on keeping a parasite from spreading. Yet in the terminals we saw his story and what he endured and why he went to such lengths. Also in CEA’s terminals we see some of Jacob’s past as he’s assimilated into the Flood. In H2A’s terminals, we see Sesa 'Refumee’s conversations with Spark and how he thinks and interacts with others, pretty much nothing we saw in the original game. We also see how Regret was able to find Earth and why he didn’t know it’s his enemy’s homeworld. Maybe this is just me, but I see the terminals now as part of the Campaign, but fun to find and filled with interesting story/characters. I hope that they continue through with this in every Halo game from here on out. Do you agree with this?

Well 343 did turn it into something standard by now so yeah, and the art direction they had in CEA, 4 and 2A was perfect for telling these story’s so I hope 343 doesn’t change the style

Part of the campaign? Yes. Part of the overarching story? No. In order to play a game that isn’t decision based (ie Mass Effect), with a linear storyline you need to include everything that’s essential into the main storyline in the main game. You shouldn’t have to hunt down side tunnels to actually know what’s going on.

Well, I love the Terminals as it adds more to the Lore of the Universe. I take my time throughout the levels just to find them, and when I do I learn something new. After it is over you jump right back to the game where you left off.

I see them as a secondary story to the story in Campaign.
So yeah, I see them as part of the campaign, & they should keep doing them.

Like in Halo 4, the Didact just seems like a bad guy who wants to destroy Humanity just 'cause. But if you watch the terminals (while incorrect due to the destruction of the Domain) , it really shows his and the Librarian’s past and why the Didact hated Humanity. I see this as giving juicy story/character information without having to make it feel awkward with giving a bazillion lines of exposition. I can see them using the terminals as ways to have story and character development that doesn’t interfere with the gameplay, but rather expanding the universe even further.

I see them as an extension of the campaign, but not truly necessary to understand the general story.