Do you run out of ammunition?

I’m not sure if I’m the only one that does this. When I’m playing warzone I have this tendency to run out of ammunition. I’ll be playing the game as normal, capturing bases, killing Spartans, destroying a boss or two, you know the usual when all of a sudden I realize both my weapons have run dry. So I end up doing one of three things; I pick up an enemy weapon (should one be nearby), have to go all stealthy and hope I take one out and take their weapon, or I end up trudging the longest possible route to the nearest req station to get my BR back in working order. I realize I’m to blame. I should have kept on an eye on the counter. Instead I’m just curious if I’m the only one who does this regularly.

I have had this happen way too many times in FF. In WZ/WZA a few times yes. Most of the times I swap out with an enemies weapon, when possible, but there are those times when I have no choice but to slug it back to a REQ station. Usually die in that process. I have said this before, but will say again, I wish you got full ammo at spawn.

I haven’t played WZ in a while, but not for my loadout weapons, as you can stop/pass by any req station for a “free” reload. If it’s a req I call in, my goal is to be effective with that weapon, & barring that, leave NO ammo for it when I’m done.

This usually only happens when the round objective is soldier or Knights because they are bullet sponges and seem to take an entire BR full of ammo to kill one

The Patrol Case is my best friend.

I mostly play Defense on Warzone, so I’m always next to a REQ station. But if I rarely go as an Attacker, I’ll always run low on ammo.

Only in Breakout

happens to me in warzone and assault.

I usually run out of ammunition when I have to defend the generators on Darkstar in WZFF. Sometimes I run out during a WZA match where I’m trying to cross-map with an AR (stupid, I know) or BR.

This mainly happens to me in FF, because the AI just sucks up all my ammo! Even with the Patrol Case boost, I can maybe kill 2 soldiers (exaggeration)?

Fortunately, I die far too often to ever worry about ammo.

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> Fortunately, I die far too often to ever worry about ammo.

Oh yea, same. I never run out of loadout weapon ammo, and if I use a REQ, I die before I use up all of it (I should really start just spamming ammo. This is because I like to be VERY conservative with ammo on all shooter games).

I run out of ammo way too often in Warzone. In arena it’s rare though since the maps are smaller.

Yes sometimes, but most of the time no.

If I’m trying to suppress an armory for an extended period of time, then yeah.

quite a lot, most notably with the DMR. Extended mag REQ and Patrol Case mod gives you about twice as much ammo as standard.

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> I run out of ammo way too often in Warzone. In arena it’s rare though since the maps are smaller.

Same. Very offensive in WZ so I will run our of ammo and either pick up a new gun, or realize I’m screwed and suicide rush the next guy I see lol.

I’m conservative so I don’t really run out of ammo.

I always seem to run out of ammo when I need that final shot to take out the enemy =(

Happens to me all the time in Firefight. I don’t really play much regular Warzone.