Do you remember your first Legendary unlock?

I just opened my Warzone Req Bundle for the week and got (what I think is) my first Legendary unlock.
The Raider Helmet. Kind of… lackluster, but thrilling that I finally rolled those dice.

What was everyone’s first Legendary unlock?

Gauss Turret

Good haul. Super jealous!

I think mine might have been the visor Legendary or the visor Mithral. i can’t really remember but i know it’s one of the two.

I have the Legendary visor Rampant, but I’m pretty sure it came with my preorder, so I’m not counting it.

Excluding every pre-order bonus and free content (stuff like the Librarian emblem), the only Legendary I’ve actually unlocked has been the Mark VI Regent Armor. Got it in a Gold pack a while back.