Do you really need TWO power weapons?

I honestly can’t count how many times on highlands someone has both the sniper and rocket launcher, it’s stupid, you only need one, someone once betrayed me for the sniper, even though he had the rocket launcher!

So here’s what I propose, you can’t carry two power weapons at once, these include:
plasma launcher
rocket launcher
focus rifle
fuel rod
gravity hammer
grenade launcher
concussion rifle
spartan laser

I don’t know how this would work with invasion though, maybe this doesnt take effect in invasion for concussion rifle, sword, shotgun and grenade launcher

this would stop people who get two power weapons, so it helps the team more :slight_smile:
Discuss :smiley:

Not a good idea…it would be a detriment to gameplay. Instead, Halo should let you boot betrayers easier. If you lose power weapons to the other team, that’s just the way it goes some time.

Having two power weapons doesn’t give you an advantage. Using one very well will give you an advantage.

doesn’t sound like a good idea, adds complexity to the game.
Breaking one of the main fundamentals of Halo.

Which is fast, skill based and simple gameplay.

Sounds sweet but I see a flaw, you have a Sniper with full ammo and an Assault Rifle with no ammo, you can drop the Assault Rifle for a Rocket Launcher on the ground to run back and take it for your team mates to stop the enemy using it.

Even though most people would hog the Launcher as you say (sounds like a Warthog Launching reference), some people do it.

You shouldn’t disallow someone to carry two power weapons. If they can get two, it means your team isn’t exactly trying to get them all into play rather quickly (besides betraying for them of course) and he deserves them and should use them, otherwise the enemy team will probably overrun you quickly if you didn’t try to use power weapons against them. If they want to give them up that’s his or her choice, but they shouldn’t be forced to not be able to carry two in the first place.

Yes, give me my sniper, a shotgun and evade. And just 1 sticky.

Power weapon control goes to him since he has earned them. Very simple. This thread is pointless.

I can’t even begin to count how often I had two power weapons because I was either the first one to pick them up or managed to get one from an opponent I had killed. Most of the time I try to make my way to a team mate and swap out one of the power weapons for magnum, DMR, or whatever else happens to be lying around so that he can take it.

And then, of course, there are times where I’ll hang on to both power weapons. Sniper rifle and shotgun on Pinnacle, for example, allow me to hold the blue sniper nest or red tower all by myself.