Do you play Reach on a old TV or HD TV?

There some people that still play Halo Reach on there old TV’s.

I play on both.

I mainly play on high Def tv.

The quality of the connection is just as important. I use HDMI but I’ve tried composite, component, and S-VHS on the same monitor. Component looks reasonable close to HDMI but composite and S-VHS look like hell.

I played it on a very old TV until a few weeks ago I got a new 32 Inch HD Flatscreen :smiley:

i play on an hd tv
it kinda old though

Old TV > HD
Ugh, the graphics are amazing now.

I play on HDMI, nothing too fancy.

Hd… Lol


CRT computer monitor via my VGA cable for Xbox 360.

I played on a SHARP 480p TV for a long time, thus my decent KD, now that I own a HD monitor… It’s harder to play due to the HD, but once I get used to it, I should get better.


I don’t know anyone that games in SD.

HD because that’s how it should be.

720p. Technically “HD”


i play on HD

HD always

HDTV, so freakin beautiful

HD but its not the biggest sreen.