Do you need a Halo Infinite Group?

Do you need a Halo Infinite group to play with?
Are you tired of little kids demanding you call them sir while they give themselves an imaginary rank?
Are you tired of solo queuing to have your random teammates throw the game because you picked up the sniper?
Do you have at least a 1.0 K/D?
Do you like having fun in matchmaking?

If you answered yes to these questions then leave a response to join “Old School Spartans”.
Old School Spartans is a newly formed group that will be starting in Halo Infinite where we will play Friday, Saturday, and Sundays together.
This group will be filled with players who love Halo and just want to have fun. Of course we’ll be trying to win but unlike others we won’t need a shower after each match.
As a group we won’t be focusing on getting hundreds of (inactive) players because we want to play together as a group every weekend :slight_smile: (Max 30 people will be in the community)

If you think you’re a good fit then we’ll be happy to have you!
If not then we will see you on the battlefield Spartan!


I am interested to join your clan i have been playing halo on and off last 15 years.