Do you like this simple Warzone suggestion?

I was thinking about Warzone in Halo 5 & especially Warzone Assault & I thought of a really simple suggestion that would add to the game slightly, but I wanted others opinions. You know how when there is a weapon on the map it highlights it blue around it? Sometimes in Assault tons of weapons get thrown on the ground from dead bodies & you go to pick one up & they are either empty or need reloaded, etc. Would people like a system where maybe the weapons on the ground could be highlighted just a few different colors? There have been times when I would scramble for a weapon to pick up as a back-up, pick it up, then find out it had like 3 shots left in a DMR or 9 shots left in a BR, etc. I got to thinking how cool it would be if they simply changed the outline on the ground. For instance, it could be a red color outline if a gun was almost out of ammo or a yellow color if the gun still had a lot of ammo in it, but it was below 50% in the clip laying in the ground (meaning that if you picked it up, it would probably need reloaded before you shot a lot) They could add little touches like that to give visual references. Also, it would be nice if the people in your Fireteam would have Green above their heads instead of everybody having blue names so you can tell who a random is instead of a party member. So do you like the idea of more color visual feedback or not? Of course, it would have to be simple & I’m not talking 15 different colors, but just like three?