Do you like spartan ops instead of firefight?

I wish they could have included both :c


Spartan Ops includes what was best about real Firefight, and mixed it all together into a cooperative, eposodic second campaign.

ODST had a very fun and challenging Firefight mode. Reach killed that for me.

I’m glad that 343 decided to include Spartan Ops and remove Firefight.

I’d take an ambitious and diverse canon experience over mindlessly killing wave after wave of enemies any day of the week.

Absolutely. Spartan Ops = Firefight with a purpose.

Yup, Spartan Ops is looking incredible so far, much better than firefight ever was (not to say firefight was bad, though.)

Spartan ops will be much more diverse and constantly changing. Firefight became predictable to the point I knew every single enemy spawn point and every sniper spot on every map. To repetitive.

never was a grat fan of firefight. spartan ops is better but the mission are just about 15 minutes or less. Do you know how long the singleplayer campaign is??? pls reply, if you know how to find out and how i can give 343i my feedback (sry for not answering exactly the question)

Spartan Ops looks great. 343 made firefight into a joke when they got rid of limited. Actually, Bungie inventing firefight arcade to begin with was a bad move imo. As long as Spartan Ops isn’t mindnumbingly easy and repetitive, (which from the looks of it, it won’t be) then I will be content.

Spartan Ops any day.

I love playing the Campaign and experiencing the story of Halo games, and this mode is like a second Campaign, so it’s great for me. It’s another story within the game. What more could I ask for?

I can’t wait to be able to play it!


I mean, essentially you’re getting 50 Firefight missions…with a story…and with level/map progression.
What’s not to like?

Okay, I understand people (including myself) can miss things like Arcade Fight and Classic FF and the gamemodes you could set up…but still, I think I’m not really going to miss FF that much.

They’re largely the exact same thing. Except the maps move you forward instead keep you in a base. And the missions are canonized.

Other than that, they are mostly the same.

Hard to say since I haven’t played Spartan Ops.
BUT I think I will end up liking it more than firefight, the only version of firefight I actually liked was generator defense and that’s just because it gave me an objective to do outside of the campaign while killing bots.

Spartan Ops, to me at least seems to be taking that and just pushing it to actual story-related objectives.

> I’d take an ambitious and diverse canon experience over mindlessly killing wave after wave of enemies any day of the week.

Every game: *Yay hooray, we know where they are going to spawn and our rockets are aimed, armed and ready. “Boom!” Free killtacular. This is hard work. Wipes head

Firefight was awesome when it was first introduced in ODST. You really had to stick together and work cooperatively to survive.

Spartans not so much, it was just a mindless killing fest in Reach.

I think Spartan Ops is the better decision as a cooperative infiltration mission for Spartans.

343i says the campaign is roughly 12 hours. Same with spartan ops

Yeah because fighting waves after waves of enemys get pretty boring after awhile.

Spartan Ops will give that much needed story base to the chaos.

Love Firefight but I think Spartan Ops will be just as good, I would choose a killing fest with objectives over a plain killing fest any day.

Wont know what I like better until release though :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, in all honesty Spartan Ops is something ive been hoping for since Halo 3. ODST’s FireFight kinda scratched that itch for a time but it did soon get old when you worked out a stratergy for it. And then reaches firefight just plain sucked…

So the Episodic cooperative play is something i welcome very much

No, Spartan Ops can’t replace Firefight

Firefight was about unrestricted run and gun, do whatever you want carnage.

In Reach everyone could have gravity Hammers vs hundreds of hunters.

Spartan Ops is just campaign DLC