Do you like loadouts and AA's

I am just wondering if you guys like load outs and armor abilities. Do you think they contribute to game play, or make it worse? And why?

I play almost only SWAt so I never use them XP but when I play slayer, I love to customize :3 the AA are really cool, even better than in Reach, only thing I’m sad about is that the weapons as are unbalanced force you to play always with the DRM and Boltshot/Plasma pistol =( If they made them more balanced would be easier to choose a favourite weapon (like the carabine) instead of the powerful ones X3

Being able to chose the weapon you go into battle with in Halo 4 is a fresh new mechanic for this franchise.

Do I like the idea? Yes, along with AA’s.

But when some of them are OP, then the Sandbox is ruined (DMR, Bolt-Shot, AC)

I do like being able to choose which weapon I spawn with. It has been something I’ve been wanting for a long time in Halo. Halo is one of the few arena shooters that actually works with a loadout system. I can’t say the same for Quake.

AAs are fine, they are a lot better in Halo 4 than Halo: Reach.

I love it. Being able to choose your weapons and AAs is great. Also all the armour customizing, I love all the options. It made Halo 4 to me so much better.

100% support AAs and loadouts.

0% support, its ruined Halo.

Yes I love being able to choose the weapon I start with.Vast improvement and AA,s mix it up a bit too.

hell yeah i love it being able to customize loadouts with specific perks for your spartan is amazing, choosing your weapons and naming them, armour abilities are also cool, i do really love them

The only positives I see from you guys so far are that it adds more customizations. But i really do not see how that contributes to gameplay. I am still hoping to see more opinions that really back why you like or dislike load outs and AA’s.

Loadouts are alright. But, I hate AA’s.

I support that it adds more customization because you can play in accordance with your own style. If you’re good with a DMR, take the DMR. If you like pulse grenades, use pulse grenades, etc. Generally, I support AA’s/loadouts.

I really liked the loadouts in Reach, but I think Halo 4 started on a downhill slope when they decided to add perks, because those are not something you actually “use.”

I love armor abilities. there are none that are ruining game play like noob lock (armor lock) in halo reach. but the loadouts are hurting game play. the fact that everyone can start with sticky grenades is annoying and plasma pistol. it completely eliminates vehicle game play. I actually would rather be on the ground then in the warthog.

AA’s are fine but loadouts are what ruin this game. That and join in progress for objective games.

I love them! And i like how 343 did them around this time. The AA are not overpowered to the point you HAFT to use them to play. No they are just this little peace of extra equipment that will help, but not win a fight for you by themselves. Witch is Halo, using all your gear together to better an opponent.

AAs are awful. They add nothing to the game. Their sole purpose is to dumb down the game by giving crappy players the ability to what good players could do in the past. Can’t get map control? It’s ok, press this button and a jetpack will give you height advantage. Can’t strafe? Try a thruster. Can’t control camo? Don’t worry, we gave you a -Yoinking!- camo button! Lacking situational awareness? WE LET YOU SEE THROUGH -Yoinking!- WALLS! Loosing a battle? WHAM! HARDLIGHT SHIELD!

Loadouts would be ok if the BR and Carbine and Lightrifle unscoped had quicker killtimes. They’re very underpowered (yes, underpowered, the DMR is not overpowered).

Loadouts are okay if they would do some better balancing (looking at you, DMR). AA’s though need to change the way they’re used. They should go back to weapons spawning on maps and add AA’s as on-map pick ups. I wouldn’t be nearly as mad at someone for jetpacking all over the map if they picked it up themselves off the map after having to fight for it, and they could only use it a limited number of times.

Loadouts : More balance needed, but not too bad. Still prefer classic set-up though.

AA’s: Make them on-map powerups like Halo 3. That way there is a level of skill needed to get an AA, and certain AA’s could be on certain maps to go with the flow of the map. For example, no jetpack on Haven as a pick-up, but maybe AA’s like thrust and regen-field (if they buff it a bit so its worth using).

Basically, lets make Halo 2 with AA’s as pickups on map and Loadouts that are balanced and tiered to certain playlists (sick of everyone having plasma grenades/pistols on BTB and ruining vehicle gameplay). Say what you will, but Halo 4 is not nearly as popular as the previous games and its because they’ve messed with the winning formula too much.

Im not up for loadouts but I love AA’s

Loadouts aren’t a huge deal.

Armor Abilities are pretty imbalanced.

But neither are the biggest issue with this game. The most important issues would be map design, weapon layouts, and random ordnance.

> Loadouts aren’t a huge deal.
> Armor Abilities are pretty imbalanced.
> But neither are the biggest issue with this game. The most important issues would be map design, weapon layouts, and random ordnance.

Well, poor map design is related to AAs, as they now need to design the maps to be playable with the AAs. I would blame the assortment of -Yoink- maps in H:R and H4 on AAs and sprint. Random ordnance is the worst aspect of this game though.