Do you like it more than Reach?

So, do you like this game more than Halo: Reach?

Can’t tell if serious question…

I like it more than Reach, I really feel like I’m playing Halo. During campaign I feel like I’m Master Chief more than ever now. I hope they continue to innovate, while still giving us the feel of Halo.

Hell yes


Yea, this game is better to me.

hell yeah so long reach

Heck yeah!

From the moment Cortana appears I liked it more than Reach.

Reach had it’s strong points, but it’s characters weren’t one of them.

Cortana and Chief make the core of the Halo game so appealing. If you were to do a Halo game without them, you need something amazing for it to be “better” than one with them.

This game is way better then reach ^^ Yes.

for me, it wasn’t going to take much for it to be better than reach