Do you like halo 5 multiplayer?

I love the halo 5 multiplayer I think its really competitive and fun it different from alot of the older halo’s but thats alright

I enjoy the mechanics and the feel of it. I do like the competitive aspects, but I would like it if it had the matchmaking style like MCC, where the player can choose what game modes can be searched. It adds a more casual sense to it, sometimes I want to come home and just play casually. I remember playing Reach online back in the day and it was great to play MLG with friends and solo casual games. Best way to play Halo in my opinion.

I’ve come to respect Halo 5 multiplayer. I understand why others like it but still don’t believe it’s the right direction. Movement mechanics are now more important than the weapons themselves. There’s sprinting, thrusting, sliding, ground pounding and spartan charging wherever and whenever. Gameplay is much more homogeneous across the game. This ruined fiesta (one of my favourites).

I mean I love the feel & the mechanics to the game, Forge & Customs I enjoy playing with my Friends, but I’m at the stage from playing it since Release I can’t get into the game anymore, the playlists don’t interest me anymore & I’m only playing Firefight to just to get to 152 & I can’t even play more than 5 matches and I’m off playing MCC or
something else,

Halo 5 is not bad, I just don’t enjoy as much as I used to, I think the correct term is, I’m just burnt out of Halo 5

In my opinion, it’s the best multiplayer, and just being able to climb or slide is the best.

I think it has the best mp so far

No. It’s by far the worst multiplayer in the entire series. Even Halo 4, with custom loadouts and ordnance, at the very least managed to keep Halo’s core feel and gameplay. Halo 5: Guardians feels like an entirely different game, and not for the better.

Arena maps all feel the same, players run around like headless chickens trying to Spartan Charge each other in the back for easy kills, motion tracker range is way too short (further compounding the problem with Spartan Charge), there’s Warzone is pay-2-win, armor customization is abysmal, and Forge is the least accessible in the franchise’s history.

Overall it is the sweatiest and most frustrating multiplayer in the franchise. They went from making the game super-casual with Halo 4 to the other extreme with Halo 5: Guardians, and the end result is 100x worse. At least with Halo 4 anyone with a pair of thumbs could pick up and play it, but in Halo 5 they catered to the ultra-competitive hardcore MLG crowd and completely shut out everyone else.

I haven’t played this game in 3 years, and with all the fantastic support Halo: The Master Chief Collection has gotten over the last year, I have no reason to re-install it.

I can’t use a controller to save my life, its clunky and everything has travel time. Its wildly inaccurate and I just don’t like them. I would have a great time with the game if they let me use a keyboard and mouse but I’ll never get that option.

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> I love the halo 5 multiplayer I think its really competitive and fun it different from alot of the older halo’s but thats alright

Halo 5 is very Competitive better than the old Halo Games but the campaign is invisible

I like it, but I am very on and off with it. I would play it for a week or so then not touch it for about a month or two. i just find the games on MCC more fun

It’s a step in the right direction but I have nore fun in MCC.

I love it. It’s very competitive and it’s a different kind of halo but it was still halo and it was pretty good.

In my opinion, it is the best multiplayer of the entire saga

i really enjoyed h5s multiplayer. i really think it was one of my favorite multiplayer gaming experiences in a long long time

I love the multi-player. I’m not very good at it, but with the right friends it’s very fun, engaging, edge of the seat competitive, and full of insanity moments.

It’s my favorite multiplayer in Halo overall. There are crown gems in each game of course, like the Halo 3 maps, Reach’s Invasion, Halo 4 had certain multiplayer aspects that made it very interesting. At this point, i’ve been playing Halo 5 off and on since it’s Beta days, and at SR151 i’m beginning to feel the effects of being burnt out. Part of that comes from the fact that the game doesn’t receive new content or anything, opposite of MCC. The only thing I’m fighting for, the only goal I have in Halo 5 at this point in my career is SR152 and the buildup to Infinite.

There are certain things that were changed that I miss. There used to be so many more maps in rotation especially for Breakout, the AR used to be a cannon in close range, and at this stage of Halo 5’s lifespan so many of the players are veterans that alot of modes that used to be social and fun like Warzone start to feel sweaty, especially in situations of quick-coring and other Achilles-born strats. But, all-in-all, I very much love Halo 5 and it’ll go down as one of my favorite Halo multiplayers. And that’s coming from a CE starter!

I’m torn. At the end of the day I enjoyed my time playing Halo 5. But my overall issue with the game was that it was too competitive. There was no way to play casually (arena) until basically 1-2 years after launch. I love to play sweaty but not every match. Sometimes I just want to relax with the boys and Halo 5 made that hard unless we played custom games.

Halo 5 is my favorite Halo multiplayer so far.
I’ve been playing since Halo 3, and I really appreciate the more modern approach to character mobility. For me, there’s no looking back now that we have Sprint and Clamber.

I wish 343 would create more Arena maps that feature Warzone weapon variants on weapon pads. Those weapon variants are very cool and add a ton of flavor and intrigue to the game.

I also wish 343 would modestly buff the BR and (especially) the SMG, as they’ve suffered greatly from their last nerf and no longer feel very fun or rewarding to use.

Can’t wait for Infinite. I hope we get a tiny sandbox patch in the meantime.

Halo 5 multiplayer is fun and really competitive, for me the best multiplayer

I liked the new movement and gun variants, favorite mp so far