Do you like fanfiction?


I am a recruiter from the group Halo Database. We are a group that is all about Halo themed activities. We type Halo Fanfictions that are enjoyable to read. Our Leader Splazer is a wonderful artist, who draws and creates stunning Halo artwork, and if you’re lucky, he might just make you something.

Not a writer, or a fan of art? We are also considering doing Machinima. We also discuss halo too. If you’re interested in joining us, then here’s a link: Halo Database.

We are experiencing low levels of activity at the moment, so active members would be greatly appreciated.

We even arrange custom game nights and have a thread for getting together and playing with other members on Xbox LIVE.

The Xenomorph Archives, built for fan fictions that are NOT about Halo. Originally it was Alien/Predator inspired but has grown to include many other games. The general feel is sci-fi but other genre of stories are accepted as well! The sister group of Halo Database; the community of both groups is generally the same guys. This group is there to create stories that are not about Halo.

However, our non-Halo fanfic group has been left alone for a while. We cannot pump out stories for both groups as fast as we’d like, so we would like it if more members could join. This group needs its following to grow without being dependent on Halo Database. So please, it you like fanfictions that are NOT about Halo, considering join the Xenomorph Archives.

We also have another group called Crossing Over Boundaries should you feel the urge to create cross overs between two different universes.

Give your stories a go in either group, receive feedback, and then test it out in the gallery if you choose to do so.

We even have our own off topic group for our members called Halo Database 2.

Hope to See you there!

P.S. Even if your not a fan fiction writer but know someone who is send them over!

Some feedback from members and others.

People who read an earlier ad said:

> Posted by: KhaosGingazilla
> Sounds very interesting! I am very fond of writing in general, be it fan-fiction or my own creations. I’ll think about joining :slight_smile:

> Posted by: Kortium
> It seems awesome!!! :3
> joins

A more recent member said:

> Posted by: The Hired Gun
> Killer group if I may say so my self. Fantastic community, and great stories. I know I am going to release my writing on there early so I can get feed back.

Word from a long time admin:

> Posted by: Shad0wChas3r
> I’m an Admin in both groups, and I have accepted all members who joined.
> Looking forward to seeing work from you guys.

Feel free to leave a comment if you are interested, or PM me if you would prefer.