Do you have anything nice to say about 343?

Personally, I don’t, but what about you?

Is there anything you like about 343?

Try to keep your posts to the positives (if there are any).


Honestly got nothing nice to say about 343i. They provided a polished game, but that’s it, there’s no content and there seems to be no urgency to come back to the game and any sense of enjoyment I once had has gone.

Spartan Ops are boring and repetitive. Matchmaking is often laggy. The single-player experience was shallow and didn’t really take us anywhere. People who claimed this was a “huge” step forward for FPS clearly didn’t know what they were talking about. It’s a generic FPS that caters more towards luck than skill.

Though it would be nice if they’d bring back firefight so I could do that co-op with friends. At least I’d get more entertainment out of that, rather than doing countless Spartan Ops missions.

Also this game, since it’s launch, has lost 75% of its userbase. From over 400,000 players online per-day to a mere 50,000. It speaks volumes for the failure that has occurred, and 343i need to step up their game or risk dragging this once wonderful franchise further through the mud.

I hope that Halo 5 will be a vast improvement, especially in regards to storytelling and general matchmaking.


I liked the effort you put into Halo 4. I loved the campaign. The Spartan Ops story was pretty interesting too.

That’s all I gotta say, honestly… I mean… I liked the Multiplayer to an extent. I had lots of fun here and there, but there’s a lot of things missing and broken that diminishes the core Halo gameplay. Over time, things just got ridiculous, and Halo 4 was just “whatever” to me now.

I see that they’re trying to fix things, but they’re not executing properly, and they are too late on responding to the many problems that inflict this game. Halo 4 had so much potential, but jeez… This is sad.

One last thing… 343… I still have hope in you guys. I’m not going to give up on you guys yet. Halo 5 has to be the game-changer. If not, it’s all over for Halo.

Great work for a first attempt.
Thats it.

I think the forerunner saga and the continuation of halo’s storyline is good.

Halo 4’s not quite up to par, but its still a decent game. That said, I’m saying this from a primarily campaign player or spliscreen vs. player’s perspective.

I do

while I know they did mess up quite alot,I do applaud them some for trying new things,to be honest,I think they were going through a process of elimination to see what works and what doesn’t for them.

I hope in the next time they will learn from everything though and maybe make the next game even better and hopfully,even more exciting

Sure. Campaign was great. Spartan ops story line was great (actual gameplay was boring), and otherwise tried their best to fill very big shoes. They failed at multiplayer. Hopefully they learn.

The campaign was good. Spartan Ops was good in theory but poorly executed. Multiplayer was ruined by personal ordinance and access to alien weaponry in Loadouts.

campaign was fun. story was excellent.

spartan ops story was great.

the cutscenes are some of the best CGI i’ve ever seen.

i really dig the new weapons now that i’ve familiarized myself.

the weapon sounds are all really neat.

the mantis is pretty cool.

the gungir and venator armors are awesome.

…that’s about it.

It’s their first game only break I’m giving.

I can actually find some good things to say about 343 Industries despite considering Halo 4 an abysmal failure and the likely death of Halo.

  1. Hit markers were a good addition to Halo.

  2. Halo 4’s cut scenes have amazing detail, and are just executed very well.

  3. Lasky was a pretty good character.

  4. The Scattershot is a really cool weapon despite being slightly under powered.

  5. The Binary Rifle is a cool weapon but probably needs to show up in match making games extremely rarely since its a 1 shot any where kill.

  6. Trees and rock walls in Forge Island was spectacular!

  7. Duping in forge is great!

  8. Magnets in forge are great!

  9. Gravity zones in forge are great!

  10. Player trait zones in forge are great! Although they need to be more compatible with custom game player trait settings! That’s a serious map game type compatibility issue!

  11. Haven is an excellent map!

  12. The saw is an awesome weapon!

  13. The rail gun is another great weapon!

  14. Ragnarok seems to be a very good remake of Valhalla.

  15. The Storm Rifle is a very nice upgrade from the Plasma Rifle. It is much better overall.

  16. The Carbine looks, sounds, and performs better than ever before. I never enjoyed using it in 2 or 3, but love using it in 4!

  17. The Beam Rifle sounds amazing! I love using it in 4!

  18. The Ghost’s color is very nice.

  19. Humanizing the Master Chief and deepening his character was executed nearly perfectly, although it seems to me he should be suicidal after Cortana dying, but maybe he is. We don’t really know since we don’t see him after the end of Halo 4’s campaign obviously.

Revealing his face was also a good move, and done correctly.

  1. Palmer looking at the Master Chief in awe at the end of the campaign as he walked by was great! That cut scene was how everyone should have acted around the Master Chief almost the entire time in the campaign considering he almost single-handedly saved humanity!

  2. Cortana’s character was also executed very well. Her lines, movements, expressions, and so on were just done almost flawlessly as far as believability goes. Her and the Chief were a lot like watching real acting.

They made a good game that had/has flaws that have been/need to fix.

Ok lets see:

Loved every minute of the campaign

Adore Spartan Ops, probably my favorite part of this game

And have constant fun in Multiplayer, I love the experience.

Thanks for everything 343.

About the company themselves, not particularly.

About their actions, yes.

I’d be more interested in Certain Affinity though, whose work is generally hit or miss.

Well I think 343 did a great job with this game. It was their first, and it was a giant accomplishment.

Campaign: Awesome! Probably the best Halo campaign at the date. A great way to start a new trilogy within it’s own blockbuster style!

Spartan Ops: Personally, I love Spartan Ops! It’s a more arcade style campaign, it’s also very fun. Only problem with it is the difficulty when played solo. A bit too many enemies but I know 343 has been noticed that.

Matchmaking: Great. I like it. Nice to see how 343 wants to keep the Halo title fresh. Only problem there is the balance. I know they are on to fix it but please 343, next time be more careful!

Costum Games: I was a big fan of costum games at Halo 3’s era. I know, there is a lot of options are missing from it but it has still more customizable game traits than other titles in the market. Personally, I have fun when playing it with my friends. There are so many great maps birth in forgers hands. Nights and afternoons had spend playing 4v4 with my friends!

Forge: 343 recently improved Forge. It’s also nice. I have forged a few maps on Ravine and I doesn’t have any problems with it. I have missed a flat environment but after the relies of Forge Island I haven’t got any bad words! Dynamic lights is fantastic!

Theater: Honestly, I miss Campaign and Spartan Ops theater so much but I can accept why those didn’t make it to the final game. Theater is good as it was always, there is nothing more I can say about it.

After all I have to agree. Halo 4 should be better. Should be, but not in this generation. The main reason behind Halo 4’s problem is the X360. It’s a really outdated system, it’s nearly magical how that old hardware can run games like Halo 4 in native 720p with this awesome graphic. Halo 4 is so much better than Reach was. Maybe not as good as Halo 3 or Halo 2, but you guys know the nostalgia speaks form you and from me too. Overall, Halo 4 is great, keep up the good work 343 Industries!

343i thank you for keeping the Halo flame alive you didn’t have to make another Halo game it could of ended back in Reach but yet you cared enough to make another game just for us. You are doing a good job and keep working on Halo 4 to make in Great!

  • Anton 044

Campaign 10/10
Spartan ops 8/10
War games 5/10
Forge 7/10
Custom games 5/10
That’s around the score I give.

Campaign had a nice story. They eventually added free for all. Ragnarok is okay I suppose. :slight_smile:

Thanks for blowing my mind. Every title i don’t see how could halo gets better and then the next title it does. Thanks for continuing to do that after bungie gave the torch up. (: