Do you have Achillies Armor but no Helmet Join Now

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Hello we are Notable Company Delta one of 6 companies started by Luke The Notable. We are looking for new members SR80 and above. If you can meet the below requirements message me. FYI, any generic messages will be automatically rejected.
We have a 20 game minimum a week company requirement.
Game counts run from Sunday to midnight Saturday every week. We run a four week cycle, every 2nd week will let you know if you have not reached the minimum games played as a courtesy, and every 4th week we remove members that did not complete the required games for that cycle. Please make sure that you can do the 20 games a week as we do not accept any reason for not being able to meet your requirement.
(Ex. being band on Xbox LIVE, getting Grounded, School or work.)
Only Games that do not count towards your 20 a week are any DNF’s for what ever the reason, coustom games, Any Action Sac game type and WZFF.
We already have the Achillies Armor. So it is to late to join for the Armor.
We are in the process of trying to get the helmet.
Also you must frequent Halo Waypoint, as that is where we post all of our Company Info.
If your still want to join let me know you have read and agree with the above and we will be Happy to add you. Please make you request to join on Halo Waypoint, and make sure that you have dismissed yourself from your current company if you are in one now before responding.
Thank You