Do you guys think the SMG is overpowered?

I’m I the only one who goes for the SMG in every slayer I honestly I feel like its underrated by a lot of people what to you guys think.

I think the SMG is a pea shooter, personally.

SMG is great!

SMG starts in everything please its so fun :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think its OP though its range isn’t very good obviously its just a beast close up

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you’re a more annoying pewdiepie

It can be a peashooter at times but in the right hands you can just wreck havoc on the fields the gun is crazy.

No I don’t think so sense the range is so short. Every gun in the game is good in the right hands. There is no crappy gun really.

Yeap thats what I love about Halo more than Destiny there is no ONE gun that evreyone uses.

The SMG is more powerful than the AR at closer ranges but the AR has less bullet spread and more range.

thats what I found anyway. Not sure if this is 100% true.

Being useful and being overpowered are not the same thing.

Who would have thought my favorite weapon in Halo 5 would be the SMG. It’s a beast but balanced you get shut down by a BR at range so it has it’s limits.