Do you guys think 343i or Bonnie will respond to the #Fire343?

Title. I wonder what will happen next.

Why would this time be any different?

Unfortunately, they most likely won’t, they’ll just be silent until the trend ends, just like usual.

Absolutely not. It is heads in the sand for the next 6+ months. Managers such as BR are now fighting to salvage their Career. They’re also getting more aggressive in stopping leaks.

She has already spoken before and it was just recently proven again to be hollow, meaningless words that amounted to exactly nothing.

when did she say anything about this?

She didn’t say anything about this recent update, but she has said years before that 343 has learned from their mistakes… clearly, they have not learned their lesson.

Here’s some links to vids:

This short one is from an IGN interview three years ago now.

This vid is after the flopping launches of Master Chief Collection and Halo 5.


oh i thought it was about what happened recently, guess i should’ve expected silence no matter what anyway