Do you guys even want Infinite anymore?

I just want to take a quick assessment, because from what I can tell nobody is really hyped about Infinite anymore.

  • Hype
  • Naw

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I’m not sure if you have been on these or the bungie forums at all for the last 20 years but this is where most of the negativity is expressed and every single game has tons of hyperbolic posts pre and post launch in both directions on “hype” which is a stupid term and anger/frustration all the way up to blind rage at certain elements of the game.


Since launch I have not seen one singular positive post about Infinite or 343. My question is reasonable.


Probably because people would rather have things fixed and made closer to a perfect game rather than praise what is there. It’s like cleaning. You don’t get praised for keeping your house clean but you get shamed if it’s messy.


Where have you been looking? Plenty of users are excited and even some articles are expressing positivity towards the game.

Just step out of the echo chamber and look around, you might see it from a different angle.


We have it. This is infinite. This is not and never has been a beta test.

I would like the campaign yes


It has already changed, which is the point of a beta, to figure some things out.

If you can pay money for in game items it’s not a beta


I’m still very hype about it. Despite multiplayer issues, that can be fixed, I’m pretty hyped. I play Destiny 2 pretty regularly and that game has seen such huge QoL improvements over the last 3 years. I know Infinite can be better and will be better with time.

Neat for you to think that, are all preorders a full release then?

You don’t get to play the game when you preorder it, your comparison is nonsensical


I’m neither for nor against infinite at this point.

I love the potential it has. Clean up the progression system and give us more on the battlepass for the money we spend

Correct a few mechanics in the game (including aim/movement/melee)

Get some dedicated servers with improved netcode.

Do this along with releasing a few more maps, options to disable crossplay, and some classic playlists at launch and this game would be golden

The issue is feedback from the pilot sessions was not received and so people are giving up hope.

I’ll still take infinite over halo 5 for the simple fact it doesn’t have the pay to win REQ system.


There’s a lot to love about Halo Infinite:

  • Excellent Gameplay
  • Excellent Quality of Customization Options
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Promising Campaign
  • Robust Weapon Sandbox
  • Absolutely Beautiful Art Design
  • Extensive Accessibility Options & Settings

With that said there’s also a lot to improve upon:

  • Limited Weapon Sandbox
  • Expensive Customization
  • Limited Quantity of Customization Options
  • Limited Quantity of Game Types & Modes
  • Lack of Player Collisions
  • Inconsistent Aim Assist??? (haven’t experienced this myself)

The Quality of this game is excellent, but it is lacking in a lot of areas. We are still in “Beta” mode atm so there is hope that some of this will be resolved come launch.


If someone is happy about the game they’re gonna just keep playing and not rave about it on a forum. If someone is unhappy they’re definitely gonna come to the forum and demand change. Reading forums posts is kind of akin to reading reviews. You’re gonna get a warped perspective.

I’d say overall most people are happy with the game, but want certain things adjusted and improved upon.

I’ve already got it, and I want to keep it. I’m looking forward to improvements, hopefully sooner than later.

Sounds like maybe you’ve conflated the campaign and multiplayer. Which is not unreasonable, but 343 have specifically moved to draw a distinction between the, F2P multiplayer, and not F2P campaign.

I am mega excited for campaign.

Multiplayer. Which is already live and released, you can ignore the “beta” tag, it’s here, now… Well. The negativity is mostly warranted and for myself, comes from a place that hopes to see it throw off the shackles of 343s traditional “launch a steaming pile and fix it later” approach. It’s good. But it could be, and should be, a defining game of this moment and genre.

Just needs that, one final push.

We are still hyped especially for the Campaign. We just want 343 to treat the MP better than they are. Which is why we are all here telling them what’s wrong with it and what needs to be fixed. If we didn’t care we wouldn’t be here and we’d just be playing something else.


What’s here is fun, but the lack of game modes, playlists, forge, coop, firefight, broken theater, broken customs, egregious store, bad melee, desync…

Theres a lot of issues. It’s going to launch as a hollow shell of a halo game.

So in my opinion, there is a ton of valid criticism, since every game nowadays launches either broken or incomplete. Infinite is no exception.


I see my self playing for another month… beating campaign and then being done with Halo. It’s fun… but not when every little thing worth a damn is behind a paywall.

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I cannot wait for the campaign which looks like it could be one of the best of the entire franchise, and I look forward to a future where the multiplayer is fully featured with all of the fun playlists and gamemodes we’re used to having, and especially where the forge & customs community goes over the next couple years.

That said I don’t care particularly for the multiplayer in it’s current state. It was fun to try when it was new, now I’m a couple weeks in though I’ll play a few matches every day to grab a couple challenges & to tide me over until Dec 8th, but otherwise the hype has kinda died. After I finish the campaign once or twice I’ll probably only come back to MP for events or new gamemodes, and otherwise move on to another game, which tbf I’m pretty sad about cause I was hoping I’d be more invested than I am.