Do you get anything for playing?

So in halo 5 I would’ve had a couple of armours by now just by playing in the time that I spent in halo infinite so far.

In halo infinite I don’t have anything yet. I play for a couple of hours everyday or at least a game or two since launch of the “beta” and I still don’t have anything but a visor.

I’m getting tried of asking why was Halo 5s launch better. You can dislike that game all you want but it had the basics down. You know. Unlockables through playing. The classic weapons like the carbine. like what’s good with this game? why is there no reason to play ifinite? There’s no champ ranks to grind to. No armour to unlock in a reasonable time frame. Why should I play this game?


You’re trying to turn your subjective take into something objective.

The basics for a game revolves around the gameplay, something Infinite does well, too well actually. It’s relying on barebones gameplay way too heavily at the moment and needs to build off those bones.

Everything outside of how the game plays and attracts players is tertiary like:

This isn’t necessary for a successful game to function.

Classic weapons like the AR, the BR, the SPNKR! (which was replaced in Halo 5 with something generic looking mind you).

From the beginning, it was stated weapon sandbox tuning was a focus over quantity, and to that extent the sandbox is pretty well tuned. It has a lot of the classic weapons, not all, but a lot of them.

I have no doubt that weapons will be introduced, but it’s clear there’s a lack of understanding as to why some weapons were included initially and others were left out.

  • Fine tuned arena based gameplay
  • A return to classic mechanics based around map control and team coordination
  • A return to a classic, less cluttered art style that’s easy on the eyes
  • a change with objective game modes to make them feel more dynamic and less static than previous iterations

On a more personal note:

  • Playing with friends I haven’t talked to in years, bonding over a title that feels like an extension of a game we bonded over 10+ years ago.

This is definitely a Halo built for old school players who enjoyed playing the franchise prior to Halo 4/5.

Unless this was a mechanic in Halo 5, there’s several tiers of ranks to grind through and get better at. From Bronze 1 all the way up past Onyx 6.

This is subjective. I personally love the fact the (cheap by comparison) battlepass is permanent and doesn’t have a timeframe in which I have to grind and unlock everything.

Nothing is more grueling than a race against time.

After all that, and my many interactions with you, I don’t think you should.

You’re not having fun, you see no redeeming qualities that’s fine, I think you’d have more fun in Halo 5 than you’ll ever hope to have here. You’re just here to voice complaints, no constructive feedback, just rants and ramblings and that’s not helping anyone.

Please go enjoy Halo 5. You love Halo 5. Enjoy a game you actually like, don’t torture yourself in a game you don’t.


Dude just uninstall then.
You won’t lose out. If you have Fomo then play the game on and off.

No one’s paying you to play Infinite MP at all.


I got a rock. -Dunno

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While I like this game more than Halo 5, Halo 5 absolutely had a better launch. More multiplayer content, more playlists, significantly less technical and networking issues. Coop was included at launch. The game worked at the very least.

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I also remember the huge controversy surrounding the lack of several features that are also controversial here.

I remember lack of Forge being a huge controversy.

It really depends on what you think makes it better.

Personally, seeing actual player counts both at launch and 4 weeks out, I think Halo Infinite had the stronger launch despite the shortcomings.

I agree that Halo Infinite lacks a lot of what Halo 5 had at launch, I’m not trying to suggest Halo Infinite isn’t relying heavily on a barebones experience, but again for all its shortcomings the game is going far stronger than it has any right to be lol.

Hell if we knew about all the issues going on behind the scenes as we know now, I would’ve put this game lower on the reception list than BF2042/Vanguard, but it’s shlacking those titles by available player counts and stats.

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I think Halo Infinite is doing well enough with its player count despite its launch. I think its still a pretty bad launch. Honestly if it weren’t for all the technical and network issues, I probably wouldn’t care as much about the other stuff. But I did feel that Halo 5 was much more refined and ready when it released. It’s too bad I didn’t really like Halo 5’s gameplay though.

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Yeah let’s rip this to shreds because all of it is wrong

Halo 5 is launch is better objectively. There is no arguing that. Getting tired of asking why it’s better doesn’t make that any less of an objective fact.

Um no. The basics mean. Basic features that should be there on launch. Like co op. I’m not talking the basics in terms of multiplayer. Thought this was obvious. Use your comon sense bro.

Unlockables are great wether the game needs to to function or not. It keeps that game interesting and fun to play. Take the vidmaster challenges in halo 3. It’s never wrong to ask for what we arlready had in the past.

Wether you like it or not the carbine was there. As well as the smg and many others. The DNA of Halo is barely there in halo infinite when all I’m playing with is nothing but new weapons and the BR and that’s it. Halo 5s sandbox was more vast on launch. Again. Another irrefutable fact

It’s not fine tuned if everything from the slide to the thrusters don’t even function half as clean as they do in halo 5. Yo back and actually compare both game by playing them I garentee you Halo 5 is better. The qauilty of it is better wether you like the abilites or not.

Halo 2 and halo 5 is a return to map based controlled gameplay. Being good at movent aided your map control. Weird concept I know. Surprising isn’t it?lol

In game graphics look better in halo 5. Esspically 4k res.
Halo infinite Spartans also look like plastic toys
Does it look like the worse thing ever? No. But def not next gen.

Oh you mean rounds in oddball? One of the worse changes made. Strongholds is also always been bad since Halo 5. 5 caps for a flag? Bro. The gamodes are butfhered. Slayer is the only saving grace

I’m an old school player. I’ve been playing over 15 years. This is not a game for classic players. Classic players don’t want another Halo where Sprint is the main ability. We have been saying that for years. I LOVE Halo 5 but I would rather takr classic over infinite any day

Your onyx 6 means nothing. I laugh at that rank. It’s nothing to be proud of. Being champoin one. Now that was something to be proud of. I achieved that in halo 5. Now there is no such thing. Your bundled up with thousads of other players. There is no indication of who’s top 200 at a glance anymore. Super lame. If you didn’t know this was in halo 5 then it’s pretty clear you didn’t play and can’t speak on a lot of the stuff we are talking about. I bet if you actually played the game you’d see where I’m coming from with some of this stuff. But you know people don’t like to prove themselves wrong. They only like to play up to their own beliefs.

I don’t have forever to to the battle pass. What I mean was it should be shorter . There should be less to do in order to level up. It shouldn’t take long like it is now

Actuay I made many constructive feedback like adding back missing features. Fixing the game. Plenty of things. Just because your bending the knee for 343 doesn’t mean there isn’t valid complaints.

The launch was bad. Period. IDC if it need to be said a thousand times. I’ll say it a thousand more.

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It’s doing well because it’s free and on PC. Remove those two things and the numbers would fall drastically

‘oh but it’s just cosmetic’ excuse doesn’t work for halo. it works for something like CoD
but halo has been centered around player expression AND THE GAMEPLAY since the first game. in the third and reach and 4 you earned the armor through ya know… playing le game! doing hard achievements but being rewarded for your efforts. like lengendary or collecting all skulls. or vidmaster. in infinite… cool i fount a armor thing in campaign… that offers nothing but colors that’ve been apart of halo since CE… wow… or the weekly challenges which so far havn’t really been that worth it. and are really tedious because of the RNG aspects of mp.
at least in h5 you earned the cosmetics vya earning the in game currency, vya… oh, le gasp, playing the game! or if not, you got cosmetics through playing legendary in both h5 and mcc.
and if this was all just for moneitary gain since apparently no one cares about halo’s player expression… why did 343 boast about it in pre launch vids? saying how it would be the best? why would they make team outlines, if not to show the colors the given player chose for themselves?
oh yeah, probably because people care about the cosmetics as much as the actual gameplay
‘but it’s free to play’ and? that doesn’t excuse a lack of progression system. or semi decent yet worthwhile achievements. or a lack of an incentive to support 343 vya the pass… just a excuse to make it grindy and ‘excusable’ -v-

I agree with everything said here. And omg. THE OUTLINES. The outlines ruins the armour experience. I can’t enjoy anyone’s armour because all I’m paying attention to is the outlines.

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You want Halo 5, it’s clear as day, stop torturing yourself with something that will never be anything more than what you hate, just go back.

Halo Infinite will never be what you want, and that’s ok.


A good time?
Otherwise you are playing games for the wrong reason.

Unless you buy the battle pass you get very little until you get to the higher parts of the unlocks otherwise you just get boosters and challenge swaps.

No. I want a Halo with content on day one.

I want a Halo with features that were in all the other halos.

Sad that your bias is seeing the word Halo 5 and not the sentences around it. Re read everything I wrote. It has nothing to do with wanting Halo 5

TL:DR; if you aren’t playing for fun, this game isn’t very fun.

I tried playing for fun. Still boring. Still frustrating

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But it does deal with wanting Halo 5…so just play that. OR wait and be patient to see Infinite grow into what it will be and change in time, like previous Halos.

Then you arent really trying to play for fun…

How does wanting basic features and content wanting Halo 5? Why is it then when I compare the games you think I’m advocating for one or the other. I’m not. I’m simply pointing out that the product we get with infinite pales in comparison to the previous halos. Objectively