Do you geo filter?

just as the title says, do you geo filter?

I’m asking because this is now a priority on 343’s agenda…if half the people geo filter then I’ll give it to them, it needs fixing but I find it hard to believe that a large portion of the population is doing this, to the extent that it’s causing huge server issues and high ping for a lot of people…I don’t geo filter btw.

Will this help with the horrendous desync issues? I’m really hoping the majority of responses say yes, I do geo filter lol

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how do u geo filter? feels like I am on NA servers sometimes (from EU)

I couldn’t tell ya man, I don’t do it nor do I know how. A statement from 343 was made regarding horrendous ping in games and said that it was due to geo filtering so I was hoping he was correct and a lot of people do it or “know a guy” who does lol

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LMAO yea lets get people to admit to doing a banable offense

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It’s worth a shot…lol I honestly didn’t expect many people to admit to it…if they did they deserve it but everyone has a friend who knows a friend whose brothers uncles cousin does…:laughing:

I use geofilter because i’m in the middle east and I can’t get a game otherwise. I have to block ASIA servers because that’s where it tries to matchmake me but nobody plays there. I know this because of the ping to Azure servers matches with in game ping. It takes 5min of searching before it times out saying not enough players to matchmake with me. The problem isn’t geo-filtering as the mods/devs try to push this narrative, it’s their poor matchmaking service connecting players. This all would be solved by just letting people matchmake within their selected region which is something so basic in multiplayer games that I can’t believe a triple A plus dev studio with the backing of a giant tech company can’t put in. It’s disgraceful and 343 deverves all the criticism and more


Dont get why geofilter is banable, who in their right mind whants to play a fps game with over 50ping. should just implement geofilter into the game.

343 might have set an geo filter on me now… it itakes 1-2min to find a map and it is 100-200ms servers…

Yes. I can also assure you it is in no way causing the lag on the servers. Here is why.

If matchmaking worked, it would see im from the UK and place me in a server close to me, either Ireland or Netherlands. where my ping is low and the games are playable.
This making sense so far?
Since it doesn’t work, it places me in US servers where the ping is 150-200+ providing me with unplayable rubber banding matches.

Seems straight forward right? Seems a bit like the server selection menu you would find in… lets say… every other FPS title on the market for the very reasons mentioned above… including Halo: Master chief Collection.

Still with me?

Ok so now i set up a geo filter, all it does is make it so that if it tried to connect me to the servers outside my region it cant resolve that servers IP. Meaning i cant and wont be placed on a server that is wholly unsuitable for me to be on… just like that server selection option in every other first person shooter including MCC.

People complaining about high ping games and rightly so, its 2022 it shouldn’t even be a thing… its a standard practice in first person shooters including MCC to place a user on their desired or closest by default server. This isnt rocket science. Its common sense.

Now those of you that havent setup a geo filter are still at mercy of the broken matchmaking and yes that totally sucks, but it is in no way the fault of those using a filter. You should be connected to the server closest to you… as explained above.

There is no reason for a US player to be having matches on EU servers or Asian servers… as that would provide them with a massive ping, rubber banding and much frustration.
Same with Asian players on EU and US server, same with EU players and Asian and US servers.

If server location wasnt relevant, 343 wouldnt have dedicated servers in all of those listed regions. Why pay 3x for something you can pay once for if its not needed?

Geofencing does not enable some kind of hidden menu that allows me to cherry pick who i play with. The broken matchmaking does that. I have absolutely no control over that aspect of the game at all.

Now, with that in mind… tell me how its geo filters causing the lag and not the broken matchmaking that is selecting incompatible servers for its users.

Except its not though… or a lot of people would already be banned. My internet service providers in Europe actually enable this as default so they wont be banning entire swathes of users who have no knowledge of a geo filter that is in place outside of their home network.

Using one in a HCS sanctioned tournament is against HCS rules. You can be banned from HCS tournaments for utilising it. Halo does not have HCS rules.


No. But I can understand why people do. I’m playing a game right now with 397ms ping. Matchmaking is a joke

ohh, an improvement, my next game is 210ms

Where is it stated that this is a priority of 343i agenda? All I’ve seen is a couple of inflammatory Tweets from Unyshek accusing anyone that use geo filter as being a “bad actor” and that it is responsible for players having high ping in games…both accusations and insinuations are totally inaccurate and unfounded mistruths so they need to make an official statement with evidence and proof as to how and why geo filter may be affecting the game and other players.

There are many ways to geo filter so they also need to clarify and be specific about which type of geo filtering may or may not be causing issues for the game or other players (ie is it due to players that edit their host files on PC and/or Netgear/Netduma type routers with built in geo filter software).

Either way, I find it hard to believe that the high ping and desync we all experience in games (with or without geo filter being used) is down to a very small minority of players that use geo filter to ensure they connect to local servers with low ping and doesn’t impact other players or migrate servers (as some people have claimed) rather than the broken matchmaking system 343i have implemented.

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I would if I needed to but after having a few issues yesterday with every other game being over 100ping all my games today were about 25ping. Not one bad one. I also played a game of BTB with no issues.

However if I lived in a country like Australia or on the continent of Asia and it was really bad I probably would use a Geo Filter.

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Absolutely I geo filter. Have been for nearly a decade. I can fight all sorts of opponents. But you can’t fight lag.

Also noticed the mods are flagging and hiding posts that geo filter. Uh, excuse you.

Except it isn’t. It’s a normal router function.