Do You Even Like Halo 4?

I see a lot of negativity of these forums, though is always seems to be combatted by an equal amount of support and positive opinions on Halo 4, and I just wanted to know, how many people like the game, how many people don’t?

I haven’t played the game, but I think it looks really good, even if the game does play a bit like CoD, understand it’s what Halo needed to survive in the market.
That said, I still feel that 343i’s work may always fall below Bungie’s, but only because of the new marketing scheme (Catering to “noobs” and otherwise making the game feel like CoD)

I feel like 343 just decided if you can’t beat them, join them.
Personally I’d rather Halo never be mainstream again if it involves this.

I dont like it, but im still playing it just like everyone else because the name Halo was on the cover

I like it

I love this game so much. I haven’t had this much fun in a long time. I just wish other people could enjoy the game to. I feel bad for 343 they worked so hard for like 4 years on this game and since day 1 the community has been bashing on them.

I love Halo 4. It’s beacause i love it dearly is why i want to see be a better game post launch. It has several issues that i hope will be fixed in the coming months. I don’t know about the other negative nit pickers (who are not capable of formulating anything close to a constructive argument by the way) but i am not gong to hatefully bash on a game that i am enjoying atm.

I will, however, judge it based on my experiences in a fair manner. If i am guilty of commiting that sin, then i’ll gladly be burnt at the cross if my critique can even help at the slightest.

Things that need to be patched: More custom game UI elements (disable sprints, weapons for Flood, disable kill cams, disable instant respawning), patch the Boltshot glitch.

Nerf: Ammo mod just for starting weapons and not ordanace drops, Bolshot tweaks (less range, scaled damage based on bullets in the chamber), armor mod restrictions depending on playlist to maintain balance (EX no moblity for objective game types).

Buff: The Carbine (damage and reload speed), The BR (ROF only), DMR (leave alone), LR (not sure). Change the shield recharge delay to 4 seconds (it’s awful at 6 because of instant respawning).

Implement: Team Doubles, MLG playlist, Grifball, more Forge maps for both BTB and 4v4 playlists to increase map variety. Scale down the times Ragnarok pops up as a map for voting.

It’s a bit of a mixed bag. Characterization and voice acting is top notch in the Campaign, however, level design leaves a lot to be desired, even though the core gameplay itself is fine.

Multiplayer also has devolved into Active Camo users hiding around the corner with Boltshots, and Ordnance Drops make the Infinity playlists just a series of random events that removes a lot of strategy, which forces me to stay in Personal Ordnance-free playlists.

Spartan Ops was also a bit of a disappointment, though the gameplay itself is still fun to play. All of the chapters just use recycled content, none of which were exclusive to Spartan Ops. Also, the story that is happening is completely separate from the actual missions you do, making the missions feel a bit pointless.

Love Halo 4, but it does need tweaking sadly.

I like Halo 4, I think it’s a great game with a good feel however I think there are a few things that need to be fixed (lag issues, file browser… glitches.) I am fine with how the game itself plays out though, and I enjoyed the campaign.

I don’t like it. I absolutely LOVE it! It’s does have some problems, but that doesn’t stop it from being an amazing game!

I like it, I don’t “love” it. I will play it a lot, until Crysis 3 comes out. It is fun, but it isn’t addicting. Sometimes you get really good games, but most of the time it is very onesided (mainly because the game started 3vs4 or major spurts of lag)

Needs tweaking, but I’m not going to bash 343i, because its their first game, and because they will be doing the next 2 halo titles, I will support them and hope they improve this game and the next ones.

It wouldn’t be a Halo game without negativity on the forums OP, don’t even stress. This game has a healthy amount of people who really enjoy it, I myself included.

Is it perfect? Of course not, no game is, but hopefully 343 has given themselves enough room to be able to make the necessary Title Updates and patches, and it will be nothing short of great.

Reach’s Multiplayer was awful upon release, but once 343 added the necessary title updates, it really became something great. Super slayer and big team were A LOT more balanced, and it was just an overall fun experience, this gives me hope for Halo 4’s multiplayer (although Forge world will be dearly missed, and also, the gameplay is PERFECT for Sandtrap).

Also, Spartan Ops has really stepped up in today’s episode. Mantises falling from the sky? Waves of phantoms, hunters, and banshees? Covenant Carrier’s? Mission to kill an elite terrorist? Good lord.

I like it a lot because I am adjusted tp the new style it has. And its only gonna get better!!!

The statistics in this poll have reassured me that this is a great game.

All I needed from here. :slight_smile:

Every single Halo game during the Live era has had issues at launch that in most cases were fixed at some point down the road…and if it were possible at the time then CE would’ve received patches as well.

So I can’t get held up about a game’s minor issues that may or may not be resolved at some point. Halo 4 has got a lot of small issues to resolve that Reach had some trouble with, but I think 343i won’t be making the same mistake. Overall, I think Halo 4 is a great game. I like it much better than Reach, but I still enjoyed Halo 1-3 more.

  • = Good
  • = Bad


  • Those graphics!
  • Dat music!
  • Great story, voice/mo-cap acting
  • Level design just feels meh to me. Not as much fun as Bungie’s
  • Major plot holes for those who didn’t read the books or watch FUD
  • Terminals only accessible at Waypoint
  • Lag issues in co-op (for the time being)
  • No campaign theater

Spartan Ops

  • 50 extra missions of content
  • Recycled locations
  • Uninteresting story (so far) that doesn’t live up to the campaign
  • Only fun if played cooperatively
  • Lag issues in co-op (for the time being)
  • Just doesn’t have the replay value that Firefight had


  • Some good maps (Haven, Exile, etc.)
  • Fast-paced action that’s a lot of fun
  • Halo’s signature core gameplay returns (although w/ some added fluff)
  • Lots of unneeded new features that makes it less unique and more generic.
  • Progression ranking system
  • Late-arriving competitive ranking system
  • Lack of popular playlists (for the time being)
  • Lack of customizable features for gametypes (for the time being)


  • A few new Forge features (Grav/Trait zones)
  • Performance-focused (smaller areas, better pieces)
  • Recycled Forge palette from Reach
  • Lack of terrain to forge BTB maps
  • Lack of precision forge controls
  • Lack of web file browsing