do yall have halo instagrams

Do yall have halo instagrams I share one its kingdomspartans

I posted a few pics on Halo but I don’t use Instagram anymore and if I did I wouldn’t focus it on Halo. Halo is just one franchise and my Xbox, Waypoint, and Twitter accounts are already taking care of that passion.

I don’t ever use social media and direct it towards Halo. I use instagram but not specifically for Halo. Waypoint is my outlet for anything and everything Halo.

I don’t even know what Instagram is. I feel old.

I have FB and twitter, but like Austin, I don’t use them for Halo. They are better suited for thing like Stephan Amell and Arrow.

> I don’t even know what Instagram is. I feel old.

Remember how people used to share photos and slides of things like vacations, their children, pets, prom, etc., and no one had any interest or cared whatsoever but pretended to just to be nice?

Well now it’s on the internet. And no one cares. Well, they care about their own pictures and upload hundreds of pictures of themselves in a manner that really makes you ponder narcissism & social media, but in all honesty, no one cares.

I mean, I’m sure it’s wonderful for stalkers and perverts since it’s just flooded with insecure people looking for positive reinforcement by uploading hundreds of pictures of themselves trying to look cute, so keep an eye on your kid’s instagrams if you have any.

Point is, it’s awful. Just awful. If I could sum it up in two words: Vain & Creepy. And cute puppies.