Do we want new maps? (Warzone counts too)

I’d like to see some throwback maps within the game, maybe rat’s den, so that we can get xp in actual matches rather than custom games.

Of course… who wouldn’t want more maps? lol

Absolutely we do!!

I would like to see a new war zone map

I really want to see a Forerunner Warzone map set on Requiem or Genesis.

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> I really want to see a Forerunner Warzone map set on Requiem or Genesis.

That would be great, the current warzone maps get boring pretty easily and I really would like to see more Forerunner-related maps (maybe even one of the Halos) before H6 gets released.

Since most of the maps are way too cramped, I’d enjoy some new maps…

Rat’s den? haha. Anyway, I think almost everyone would want some new maps.

Yes, new maps please! I don’t even care if they were good forge remakes just as long as we get something would be a welcome addition.

I’ve heard that even some pro players are getting little bored to same map rotation that has been rolling for a while. 343i could be more active to bring new maps to social map pool first and if the map works out well, then move it to ranked map pool. Played yesterday some MCC big team battle and had some Halo CE and Halo 3 maps played and boy had I a blast playing them! Some of those could indeed make a comeback to Halo 5!

If they can do it, by all means. They could always contract some dev maps from other devs, like they have done with Certain Affinity before.

I’ll also begrudgingly accept Forge maps of the highest quality if that’s all they can offer. A number of the remakes have progressively gotten stellar.

The question isn’t whether we want new maps. The answer to that is obviously yes. The real question is who do we want making them, with the obvious answer being the ACTUAL -YOINKING- DEVS.

New Warzone maps would be nice! Very nice! I think we have enough arena maps.


Warzone maps,Warzone maps.
We need more Warzone maps.

Warzone maps are required for more and more fun

Please, Please, Please, give us some more Warzone maps hopefully of better quality than Sanctum.

I would like them to add new maps or bring back old ones because I’m getting tired of playing the same maps a bunch.

New warzone maps would also be great, because the ones now feel cluttered.

Would be nice if the devs make some BTB maps. That playlist needs some hard-hitting vehicle action and the maps currently in BTB lacks the action.