Do we think there will be a special unlock for 1600/1600 gamerscore?

I’m feeling like there won’t be anything, but it would be awesome if there was. I would love a 117 armour emblem.

What do you think? If we did get something, what would you want to unlock?

I think we will get more achievements in the future too. I’ve just got to finish off LASO, but I’ve got everything done now except finishing the battle pass and the currently impossible MEDIC! achievement.

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I’m sure that there is nothing :slight_smile:
Rather there might come Vidmaster Challenges lol

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I wonder what other game we will have to purchase to complete those :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

No. Evident from not getting any unlocks for any other achievements.

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There are still 2 stances that are locked out with no known way of getting them. Hopefully those are unlocked through achievements

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I’m currently sat at 1565/1600 and haven’t unlocked them :frowning:

I’m wondering when we are gonna get this attrition playlist/gametype. What’s the point in having an achievement for it if it isn’t even in the starting line up!

Yup that and the battle pass are the only ones I’m missing. It was in the season 1 trailer but no word of it coming to the game. Not even in custom games lmao

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I’ve seen there is a dodgeball variant which is my favourite gametype in gears of war. I’m so ready for it. Single life games are my favourite. Always been a fan of CoD Search and Destroy.

This mode is gonna be 90% of what I play ha.

Congrats man I also still need the battle pass. Hovering around level 50 at the moment so nowhere near finishing that.

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