Do we really need all these xp and challenge swaps?!

Half the Battle Pass and 16 of the 30 rewards from the Fiesta challenge are XP and challenge swaps.
Think losing a load of these and replacing them with amour or gun skins would be much more rewarding.

I’m literally spamming them on challenges, and my XP and the effect isn’t that much, especially as it doesn’t effect the Base 50xp you get for playing a game.

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I’m a bit more okay with the boosts coming out of the event one as they are just straight xp, but I would much rather rip all of those out and actually add more armor so that every level has at least one piece of armor.

They also need to stop with the BS of splitting the shoulders up to pad out the pool. MCC put both shoulder pads in the same unlock slot and had no content issues.

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We don’t.
We literally just need 10 challenges a week, each challenge tiers up once.

If they wanna make us pay to speed up, you can pay to refresh your 10 challenges and do them again for the week.

That’s all we need.

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So basically the same system as what the Fracture event uses, but without the arbitrary 7 level lock.


Can you use challenge swaps to swap out the regular ones for event challenges?

I wish lol. But no, you cannot.

No, we don’t. And something tells me they threw those in there in a desperate attempt to pad out normal progression with adding them all.

Hmm. I saw someone else in another thread mention something about tactically NOT going for the regular challenges, but it just didn’t make sense to me.

If you can’t swap them out, then his comment makes 0 sense.

Challenge swap should be freely available, maybe earnable by just playing the game to put some restriction.

What is a Challenge Swap?

An item that let’s you swap challenges. They’re on the BP, in the event pass, and also in the store.

Have you not seen them? They’re pretty common.

I ignore that stuff for the most part. What is the point of these swaps?

To play roulette with weekly challenges

Exactly what the name says. If you get a challenge you don’t like you can swap it out in an attempt to get a better one.

The fact some of the challenges are borderline impossible (such as destroying Wraiths) it seems like an effort to get people to spend money on them.

It’s empty content to lead into you a habit of buying more credits so you cna buy the swaps that you’ve become accustomed to.

No we don’t need them, they’re a solution to problem 343 have created, solely for the purpose of selling you the solution.

You shouldn’t ignore something that is taking up space in your unlock progress bar that should be occupied by armor.

Thanks for the explanations. It’s not some thing I would ever use.

It’s empty content to lead into you a habit of buying more credits so you can buy the swaps that you’ve then become accustomed to.

No we don’t need them, they’re the solution to a problem 343 have created solely for the purpose of then selling you the solution.

Like a drug dealer getting someone hooked on free crack and then a month later, you’re hooked and have to pay to just function normally…literally the same logic!

You get quite a few for free. May as well use the free ones to swap a crappy challenge out.

I dont do challenges.