Do we know too much about Halo 4?

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m a little miffed than we’ve been told the Prometheans are the primary enemy in the game. Whilst it’s not strictly true that they’re the only enemy, I feel a little bit undermined when they said ‘This is going to be like CE’. I was expecting an encounter with the unknown.

Am I being dramatic? Do you think there are far more twists and turns than we’ve been let in for?

I mean, so far the story seems to be ‘Land on Requiem, discover a Cryptum with the ur-Didact, leave Requiem, whilst stopping the Didact’.

Just don’t think too much about the new information we’re being told about. Then nothing will be spoiled for you.

I don’t think we’ve been told too much. If we were, we’d probably know how the whole campaign was going to play out.

There is still a lot of stuff that we do not know so I would say we don’t know “too much” information.

Josh Holmes addressed this somewhat in one of the latest Sparkasts. It is a difficult task to balance what to give fans, one sect wants all the info while another wants to remain dark. Frank O’Conner gave a fair warning to go dark right before E3.

We know enough to know that we don’t know much at all. And just enough for what we do know to be dangerous. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol i love how you think its about the didact.

For those that read the books, you might know a bit.

For those that don’t read the books, it’s just about enough to know what’s going on.

The Elites hate us for some reason.

The Infinity crashes in sometime during the game.

Cortana is going crazy due.

And now we got Forerunner tech attacking us.

Minus the Cortana part, it sounds like a Halo game. At this point, anything could happen.


> Lol i love how you think its about the didact.

Hey 343 worker, care to enlighten me? Or rather, us?

I’d say we dont know enough!! They are keeping to many secrets at this point!

If you’re afraid too much is spoiled, just go dark now and stop trying to keep up with what’s known. That’s all that can be said for those of you who are feeling too much is getting revealed.

Being a big Halo canon enthusiast, I don’t think too much has been revealed. We’re at a point where there are a million directions this game’s story could go. Heck, there’s a myriad of -potential- antagonists, pseudo-antagonists, protagonists, and so forth.

We’re far from too knowledgeable.

> > Lol i love how you think its about the didact.
> Hey 343 worker, care to enlighten me? Or rather, us?

1 thing points to the didact,everything else points away.