Do we know of split screen yet?

So. Maybe this is out there somewhere, maybe not. But… do we know if Halo 4 will have four player split screen yet?

I’m going to be holding a LAN party in an Air Force Detachment, and if it offers four people I believe we will play Halo 4. This would give a chance to some of our folks to play Halo 4 that otherwise would never be able to… or at least not for months. We have two Xbox’s. We have two disks incoming and eight controllers. We have an Ethernet cord to connect the two. So…

Do we have any word?

The big ‘facts’ thread says there is no word yet, but I don’t know when that was last updated so…


Thanks folks!

i beleive online multiplayer is 2 player local max while campaign can go to 4 player local, just don’t know if customs can go to 4 player local or not but i suspect it can.

It will probably be like every other halo, 4 player customs, 2-4 player multiplayer split screen (depending on game type), and 2 player split screen for campaign and I’m guessing that will be the same for spartan ops.

This site always has great information about these types of things.

Since every playlist supports four player local parties, yes. We know that Halo 4 has four player splitscreen.

There is 4 player offline split screen multiplayer, yes.