Do we get anything special for playing the Beta?

In other games, we got some cool skins, or effects for playing the beta, or profile flair, so do we get anything for playing the Beta for Infinite, or not?

Just curios, as other games have it too, and I couldn’t find anything on it, so I’m sure we don’t, but I’m hoping we do.

Edit: I didn’t check anything, as I am currently updating/installing the update to play (XBOX btw)

If anything we’ll get a nameplate

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Better than nothing. Hope they add somethin else, like a color scheme or somethin. Would be cool in my opinion. But a nameplate is fine tho.

There’s some emblems and skins that you get for playing before the 22nd. Cool looking, but nothing earth shattering. Or, Ring shattering, as it were.

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22nd of this month? If so, then I got pletny of time. If it’s during the tech test, I played during the 2nd week of it.

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