do we even know what Chief looks like

race, hair color, facial features, etc… body type

Asian, long dark hair, yellow eyes, no teeth in the mouth because he got punched so many times in the face.

Whatever place of which planet he was from(Was it Reach or another of the Inner Colonies?), slightly greyed wiry(due to constant battling and rarely taking his armor off), scarred stressed face(war), physically augmented body(Duh)

I dont ever want to know

Hair color Brown, Eye color Blue, 6 ft 10 in with out armor 286 pounds with out armor, and he is white

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Wow Chief is an egghead. I hope his face grew to even out his skull-to-face ratio.

The Fall of Reach really describes what he looks like.

Brown hair, light skin, Blue eyes. Super tall and weigh a ton. Literally haha

wait so Chief is white man? was this ever confirmed

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> wait so Chief is white man? was this ever confirmed

end of H4 on legendary he takes of his helm and you see the nose part of his face, he is blue eyed and VERY PALE and he has scars and wrinkles

Read the books. The books really give you a lot of insight on who he is. I hate reading, but the books kept me glued. MC is an awesome character. It gets you in touch with his emotional side. He never shows his emotions but the narrator tells what he thinks and feels