Do we all want BR starts for BTB?

You even say the same thing I’ve been saying of why Behemoth was removed because of the map being too big and open with BR starts.

Same thing happens in social behemoth too because the battle rifle spawns on the racks at times and since the map is too big and open because its meant to have vehicles on it which they do in social and not ranked.

But lets continue:

I have read your previous statements and you say the same thing that BR start is the reason for its removal when you had previously stated its the maps flaws that made it miserable with br start (which it still is in ar start)

But socials Behemoth plays differently than Ranked Behemoth (and its not because of the different loadouts) because as I keep repeating myself Socials has vehicles and Ranked doesn’t.

After you had stated what I’ve been constantly saying I don’t understand how you proceed to scrap that and constantly say its the BR start that got it removed. Then you quote the post of behemoth’s removal which says the same exact thing of the main reasons of the map being too open with terrible spawns with br start as the minor add on to the issue of that map.

It seems like you haven’t read a single thing of what you’ve said and just continue to spew nonsense at this point.

No because I corrected you on your lack of memory of the plasma repeater being not used by anyone in reach mp because its terrible and of people were using the plasma rifle.


Big maps require starting guns that give you at least a fighting chance at ranged scenarios.
If you die and respawn with ARs and Sidekicks, you are going to have a harder time trying to get a gun that will allow you to be an effective teammate against others who already have ranged sightlines.

Plasma repeater was actually pretty good if you knew how to use it effectively.

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The bloom on it is bad, which made no sense that a energy weapon had bloom honestly.

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Once you learn how to compensate for bloom, it’s a great weapon. But that’s not the point of the thread.

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If you like it thats more power to you I’m not telling you no, just saying that gun is very under used and a lot of people avoid it.

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Yeah, this thread is about the Bullet Repeater, not the Plasma Repeater!
(*obvious sarcastic tomfoolery is hopefully obvious)


devs make dumb decisions regardless. AR/SK starts is boring af. even br only is boring. 2 weapon starts need to be polar opposites so players can pick a playstyle from spawn. short range and long range. its more interesting catching someone off guard using a long range weapon while you get close with a short range weapon and vice versa too.

I dont think i do. But the AR needs to be less easy to use all the time imo

Yea it’s truely great I can grab the only BR and rush for sniper then sit back and farm kills while people run around with sidekicks and AR. It’s even better when we shutdown their warthog right away and ours is running wild. Easy 2-0 lead in ctf and then get to farm for 12+ minutes while the other team has little chance to hit back until the wasp comes, but we are usually spawn killing so much it doesn’t matter, so we get 2 wasps instead.

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That’s sounds like one hell of a team you got there. You should try and go pro.

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Nah far more fun to beat up on randoms in btb

If only we could vote like Halo Reach :crazy_face:

Should BR starts replace AR starts? No

Should there be a BR start variation thrown into the mix? Yeah absolutely.


Funny how people say a BR/SK or BR/AR starting profile would make them never pickup any other weapon. That doesn’t mean the BR is OP, it means everything else isn’t worth grabbing because it’s either trash or serves no purpose that the pure killing power of the BR or AR won’t overrun.

How about instead of asking for BR starts, we ask for a good sandbox.

you can get br as well if you arent a bot. If he gets the sniper and farms you , you allowed him to do so.

I liked the plasma repeater. It felt like a miniature saw for the covenant. Just without the firepower lmao.


Tell that to all the mindless btb players out there who allow these one sided games to occur.

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I don’t, I could see why people would though. It’s awful when you spawn in a match and there is no BR to be found and you are needed asap at the objective. However, BR starts would significantly change the playstyle of a BTB match and put less emphasis on using the sandbox in ways you might not normally.
Some of the best moments in BTB come from running to the objective and picking something up (because its anything other than the AR or sidekick) and pulling off a crazy play for your team, or even just using the starting combo to do so. I think this is tied to what makes the core gameplay feel so good, kinda like how doing most things in multiplayer makes you feel like you’re amazing.