Do we all want BR starts for BTB?

We did not play the same game

Nobody EVER picked up that gun

I just think this is such a stupid argument. Keep BTB and add Battle Royal, at this point I won’t even be nice about it. Screw the entitled minority that’s ruining the future of Halo for everyone. It’s so simple, just don’t play it if you don’t enjoy it??? These same people I bet never didn’t play Firefight, forge or Spartan Ops but god forbid Battle Royal be an option. Disappointed in 343, guess it’s easier to justify failure by blaming the community afterwards when all reality I’m not sure who in 343 decided it was a good idea to listen to a small group of idiots ruining it for everyone else rather than following market trends.

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Controlling the Battle Rifle isn’t the issue, its the people using them. People are trash with the battle rifle and then complain that its OP when someone who’s better with it kills them when they are on equal grounds of weapons with their opponent.

Ar starts is sooooo boring it makes infinite a walking simulator on a BTB map since they’re bigger with 24 people and people literally camp the battle rifle racks so they can have one to fight people at mid - long range on a BTB map and gamemode. I am guilty of this because I’m not fighting at mid range to long range with an AR and a sidekick on a BTB map.

And don’t be another one of those people that use the excuse that CE is AR start because that game is mainly AR starts since that game doesn’t have a BR, the weapon to use other than the sniper for mid - long range is the pistol and its used like that because of its damage and for there not being a precision rifle other than the sniper.

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There is a lot more weapons I mentioned of what people picked up and yes people did use the plasma rifle what people didn’t pick up was the plasma repeater because that gun was terrible.

So yes we did play the same game its just you’re lack of memory is showing.

Chasing the money instead of making a great finished game is a terrible idea of wanting to keep players.

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I’d like separate BR start playlist for BTB and Slayer.

It wasn’t the battle rifle that got behemoth removed, the map is too big for 4v4 in general and the map has a GOD AWFUL spawn system and because of how big and open it is for 4v4 people just hug the edges and sneak around to your spawn and shoot you from behind.

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I’ve never seen a good argument to justify auto starts in 4v4 let alone BTB.

If people are not using straight up ahistorical lies like “pEOPLE dOn’t MOVE WITH prECIsION sTartS” they otherwise like to ignoring other glaring issues or simple solutions. Oh and don’t forget my favorite “All those people who had been enjoying precision start BTB throughout the original trilogy and beyond were really wanting auto starts this whole time.”

“The BR is to powerful/easy to use”
So make it more difficult to use.

“The BR is too accurate”
So make it projectile.

“The BR/DMR shreds vehicles”
So lets stop using the god awful chip damage system that has ruined vehicles in every game from Reach onwards.

God forbid we actually fix some underlying issues instead of scapegoating precision weapons. That require some actual thought beyond just going “BR too stronk” and calling it a day.

If spawning with such a historically weak precision weapon like the Infinite BR is enough to invalidate huge swaths of the sandbox(it isn’t and never has been) you never had a good sandbox to begin with.


Well, maybe they can run a test playlist with BR starts. I just believe that maps and the sandbox may not be at the point where BR starts would actually be fun instead of frustrating.

I can’t really see whats in the heads of other people to truly gauge their motives. I just have their word that’s all. I just know that while having a BR start would definitely save me the trouble of fighting other players for a single spawn, it may be at the cost of an enjoyable experience.

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Yes…and also because you had BR Starts which made attacking bases and making off with the flag a terrible experience when the enemy could respawn and instantly get a bead on you.

The reason that Behemoth/CTF is still around in Social is because you have AR Starts there. In this specific instance, BR Starts made that map/gametype invalid enough for it to be removed.

Absolutely. AR starts in BTB just pepper until you get close and leave you defenseless against longer range weapons. It SUCKS.


Why not both? Just mix it up in the gametype roulette wheel, 50/50.


No its fine the way it is. I used to feel the same as you but i think not having br starts in the end makes btb more casual and more fun for everyone.


The simple truth is that the whole sandbox is deeply flawed and needs a complete overhaul. BR starts in BTB is not the correct road to go down, and would merely emphasise how flawed the weapon sandbox actually is.


I would like to see them try it. I’ve seen the argument brought up that it could be too good as a starting weapon which could very well be true. At least give it a go though, see if that’s actually true or not. All I know is BTB used tl be my favourite mode and I was extremely disappointed when I realized this game was pistol starts.

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I deliberately quoted a specific part of your post to the exclusion of the rest

That appears lost on you

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No Br starts was great for attacking and defending a flag especially when stopping the enemy flag carrier.

With the terrible spawn system in Behemoth Ar starts literally allows an enemy flag carrier to run all the way to there base and score without the worry of people stopping them because they won’t be getting hit by an AR at medium range unlike the BR which helped stop an enemy flag carrier and give the other team a free flag cap like Ar start does.

The map Behemoth is straight up a walking simulator especially with on both BR and mostly AR start. The ranked community hated that

Like I said before it got removed from ranked because the map sucks, Terrible spawn system on both BR start and AR start, too big for 4v4. Why do you think Launch site was never in ranked? Because that asymmetrical map is terrible too with a garbage spawn system and that map is also a walking simulator.

Yeah and that happened because of what I’ve been constantly saying about the biggest issue with that map is the spawn system is garbage and just puts you out in the open to get instantly shot by people. The Battle Rifle never ruined the map the spawn system ruins it.

Be that as it may, but the bottom line is that the difference to why Behemoth CTF was removed from Ranked was because of the BR Starts whereas it stayed in Social cause it had AR Starts. And, at least in my opinion, Behemoth is fine for CTF when its AR Starts compared to how miserable I found it to be with BR Starts.

As someone who has gone through the previous Halos with starting precision weapons, I can say that I have appreciated and enjoyed the AR Starts in Infinite whether they be Arena or BTB. However, I will reiterate that a BR Start option would be good for the people who want it.

A big difference between Ranked Behemoth and social behemoth is that Social has vehicles on the map and Ranked doesn’t. While in Social the vehicles make up for the terrible AR start of 2 close range weapons and wasn’t as much of a walking simulator like Ranked.

Constantly running on that map was such a drag which is why people called it a walking simulator map for Ranked.

Even in AR start you’re spawning in getting immediately shot because of its garbage spawn system. But at least with BR start when people have shot me as I spawn I have the same weapon as them making it an even fight to defend myself and take out my attacker. Unlike AR start I spawn in the open with 2 close range weapons getting hit by a person with a mid range weapon. That AR ain’t doing jack to protect myself.

So like I’ve said numerous times its not BR start that got Behemoth removed from Ranked when the Ranked Behemoth and Social Behemoth are completely different experiences because Socials has vehicles to make up for the garbage of that map when Rank doesn’t.

I’ve gone through previous Halo titles too and I can say starting with precision weapons is better than starting with 2 close range weapons. The limiting of precision weapons on infinite is terrible I’m always camping the Br weapon rack because I’m not running around with an AR and sidekick (2 close range weapons) especially on a 24 player BTB map.

To quote the post of the removal:

While the map design and its spawns may be inadequate, it is explicitly stated that it is exacerbated particularly when the BR 75 is involved to the point that led to the issues that warranted its removal. This is a explicitly stated reason.

At this point, if you continue to deny that BR Starts wasn’t a reason when its stated that it obviously was then I see no reason to respond to this any further.

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