Do we all want BR starts for BTB?

Be that as it may, but the bottom line is that the difference to why Behemoth CTF was removed from Ranked was because of the BR Starts whereas it stayed in Social cause it had AR Starts. And, at least in my opinion, Behemoth is fine for CTF when its AR Starts compared to how miserable I found it to be with BR Starts.

As someone who has gone through the previous Halos with starting precision weapons, I can say that I have appreciated and enjoyed the AR Starts in Infinite whether they be Arena or BTB. However, I will reiterate that a BR Start option would be good for the people who want it.

A big difference between Ranked Behemoth and social behemoth is that Social has vehicles on the map and Ranked doesn’t. While in Social the vehicles make up for the terrible AR start of 2 close range weapons and wasn’t as much of a walking simulator like Ranked.

Constantly running on that map was such a drag which is why people called it a walking simulator map for Ranked.

Even in AR start you’re spawning in getting immediately shot because of its garbage spawn system. But at least with BR start when people have shot me as I spawn I have the same weapon as them making it an even fight to defend myself and take out my attacker. Unlike AR start I spawn in the open with 2 close range weapons getting hit by a person with a mid range weapon. That AR ain’t doing jack to protect myself.

So like I’ve said numerous times its not BR start that got Behemoth removed from Ranked when the Ranked Behemoth and Social Behemoth are completely different experiences because Socials has vehicles to make up for the garbage of that map when Rank doesn’t.

I’ve gone through previous Halo titles too and I can say starting with precision weapons is better than starting with 2 close range weapons. The limiting of precision weapons on infinite is terrible I’m always camping the Br weapon rack because I’m not running around with an AR and sidekick (2 close range weapons) especially on a 24 player BTB map.

To quote the post of the removal:

While the map design and its spawns may be inadequate, it is explicitly stated that it is exacerbated particularly when the BR 75 is involved to the point that led to the issues that warranted its removal. This is a explicitly stated reason.

At this point, if you continue to deny that BR Starts wasn’t a reason when its stated that it obviously was then I see no reason to respond to this any further.

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The Battle Rifle has been a plague on this franchise since its introduction in Halo 2. Ever since then, it’s the only weapon people will ever use, and when it isn’t the default weapon, every last sweaty esports wannabe crawls out of their basement to complain because “automatic bad.”

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^ this 1000%, this is why i never ply btb its boring


Reread what you quote of behemoth’s removal as many times as it takes because:

“In addition to BR 75 start” not mainly to BR 75 starts. So like I’ve been saying BR start was not the main reason of its removal from ranked it was a little because of the poor map design of behemoth.

Like I’ve been saying terrible map spawns

and terrible map design with barely to no cover anywhere which is what causes people to get beamed by the BR75.

This post of the removal you quoted talks about the real reason of its removal from rank yes it mentions the BR 75 start but it never once said that is the main reason of its removal.

Now why did that happen with BR start behemoth well its because there’s no cover in the poor map design. Those open area’s are paths for vehicles to take because Behemoth is meant to have vehicles which it does in social but not in Ranked.

So like I’ve been telling you sooooo many times already which I don’t understand how many times I have to repeat it BR start was never the main issue it was the terrible spawning and the map being too open with no cover anywhere.

Well, if it wasn’t the BR it was going to be some other long range single fire weapon in the game.

The BR just happens to be a long running fan favorite.

I’m afraid you’ll have to take the time to reread my previous statements to find that I never called BR Starts to be the main issue. I did, however, state that BR Starts was a defining factor on top of Behemoth’s other issues that led to its removal of Ranked. That has not changed and despite what you say it is clearly stated that this was a factor that led to the removal of Behemoth/CTF from Ranked.

As I mentioned, I no longer see value in pursuing this conversation. The evidence has been made clear and people can come to their own conclusions on it.

To go back to the original purpose of this thread and the original intent of my post, I think people should have options for BR Starts. But as for me, I prefer AR Starts and think they are better with the Behemoth/CTF an example that could lead to experiences that I’m wary of, particularly on a map like Highpower, with BR Starts.

If I get to choose between starting with AR/BR every respawn like halo 4 and reach, absolutely. If it’s just BR starts, I would rather have my Misriah Armoury MA40 assault rifle because while the BR75 has the clear advantage at longer ranges, it doesn’t preform well in close to mid range, where I spend most of my time, and is a bad choice for laying down suppressive fire.

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It’ll be interesting to see how BR starts effect BTB gameplay, the current BTB map’s design is made to accommodate AR & sidekick starts, the BR is fairly easy to use, and weapon interactions are heavily defined on range.

I find that Halo 3’s biggest contention with the BR is most of the surrounding weapon sandbox was underwhelming in comparison hence why much of the sandbox is neglected. In contrast, Halo Infinite increased the lethality of its surrounding sandbox, weapons like the AR, Shotgun, and Needler, will outclass the BR in close range something that couldn’t be said the same for H3.

Regards to the maps, HI maps seem to be split in lanes with plenty of cover to help players avoid long sightlines from being BR prey.

Perhaps the BR won’t be so dominant as we think it would be, nonetheless I would prefer BR starts to be a separate playlist for BTB instead of replacing auto starts.

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No, anyone who does has never played it with it on past games. If anything just add more locations to pick them up on the map.

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Honestly I don’t really think it willl make much difference with the way BTB is right now. I say that as a player who finds this mode uniquely frustrating and unrewarding. They need to fix the desync.

Nope, no BR start.
It just makes gameplay and engagements lazy.

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no then its just mid/long range fight fest. boring.

Halo Infinite DESPERATELY needs a match composer like the MCC!

We want a Match Composer so we can play any mode how we want!


I’d rather have a mix of both.

If you already start with a high-mid tier weapon that makes a lot of lower tier weapons obsolete. AR starts encourages weapon pickups and more variety in the sandbox. Also AR starts offers a more casual and fun experience. Imo BTB is for fun and Arena is for sweat. Keep the sweat out of BTB. AR starts is much more preferable to BR starts.

Let’s not pay any attention to the decade+ of casual players who had been enjoying precision start BTB since the beginning of the franchise. BR starts(or any precision start) is not a barrier to casual play. Its just ahistorical nonsense to suggest otherwise.

If spawning with the Infinite BR is enough to discourage from picking up certain other weapons the sandbox was never good to being with. If you want people to use certain weapons its on the devs to make them worth using, not by limiting weapons that are already decent.

What your really asking for is for more pretty lights and colors spice up the game rather than actually creating a richer gameplay experience. I really don’t understand this notion that their needs to be some balanced spread of weapon use regardless of what any of these “underused” weapons actually bring to the table.

A versatile, skill based(ideally) precision weapon is going to get more use than a shallow close range bullet hose. This doesn’t make the precision weapon “OP” its just the natural result of an arena style sandbox where each weapon is supposed to be more unique, some weapons are just more flexible than others

If the bog basic precision weapon of a Halo game is supposed to be “mid-high tier” the entire notion of separating weapons into “tiers” is not only worthless, but actively detrimental to the sandbox.

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i feel like AR Pistol starts are better so you’re always looking for something better as you play. it would encourage people to pick up guns that they may normally never grab if they had a BR. or maybe go hop into a vehicle. when you have BR starts people just don’t want to swap weapons or do anything other than have a stale range BR fight.