Do Warzone promotional packs stack? Mine dont.

I heard from many people that Warzone promotional packs stack. Like, if i missed a week of playing halo, when i returned (on the day i normally get warzone packs) which is monday for everyone as far as i know, i only got 2. I’m just very concerned that i missed those 2 packs forever. I missed a week of playing halo the entire week when fallout 4 came out, and i didnt check for my warzone packs at all from about the saturday before fallout (which was, i believe the 7th, to monday this week.) and when i got on this monday, i only had 2 warzone promotional packs available to open. I just want to get my money’s worth here. i only bought the digital deluxe edition of this game for that alone basically, and in my renewed grind I REALLY NEED to get every one of those delicious buggers that i can.

Also, on a side note i didnt get the special Teishin armor set, DESPITE playing the exact minute that halo 5 came out… and alot more afterwards. whats the deal?

don’t know but you can open them up on here.