Do u need a active company Omega Horizon recruitng

Created by awlberesford, Omega Horizon is a competitive, casual, fun, laid back spartan company which values teamwork and communication above all. We teach members to work as one as a unite that is a force to be reckoned with, were we will teach each member: Call outs, strategies to out smart/play our opposing team and tactics, this is because we want each of our members to be on the same page.
Well what game modes do we play, well we play everything from, Arena, to war-zone to custom games and many more as we like to expand our activities within the Halo universe to give more diversity to our game play by spreading though a variety of modes. We are currently gonna be hosting company and community game nights every Friday and Saturday (sometimes Sunday), this is were we just have fun and to enjoy our self’s by playing a variety of game types and maps made by the Halo community, and just to let of some steam as everyone loves Halo Custom games. Linked to this, awlberesford the Leader of the company is gonna be recording game nights every week to upload on his YouTube channel were he has a section for the spartan company, as we want to expand the company on the media side of things as well.
We are growing to be a compact spartan company with 12 members and counting. We accept every skill level as to us know matter your skill level everyone in the company is equal. We play competitive and casual in Halo, so for all the competitive players we are starting a competitive team soon within the company, but for all the members who just wanna play casual and have fun we have plenty of that for you. Linking back to custom games we as a company do training sessions every week were we improve as a team and as a player to become a more stronger unit and individual, were we do call outs, strategies, tactics 1v1’s up to 4v4 and 8v8’s. Finally linking back to the YouTube section within the company, we will be hosting forging competitions, battles, game nights, achievement hunting and much more which will be published onto You tube.
Halo 5 is a team based and a fun game and that’s what our company is all about. We have a strong positive and awesome atmosphere within the company as we want everyone to feel welcome and to be a part of a spartan family.

We are looking for active players to join. As we want our players to become even better and we can only do this if your active, but Full time jobs and real life comes first before playing games so dont worry if your busy your still welcome to join :slight_smile:
Everybody in the spartan company does have full time jobs, school, college and busy schedules as we understand that comes first :slight_smile:

Leader: awlberesford

Omega Horizon Company Requirements:

  1. Must be at least 16+ years old
  2. Must show respect to all members within the spartan company
  3. Try and attend game nights if you can and training.
    were not forcing anyone to do something that they dont wanna do
  4. Must be willing to play with members from the company
  5. Must try and learn call outs, and strategies for arena play
  6. Must be on a few days a week
    if you cant cause you have a busy schedule that is completely fine as we all have busy schedules some times.

Omega Horizon Goals:

  1. Communication
    Communicate to each other when playing arena game types and training.
    To help improve your communiction with each member to become familiar with them

  2. Team Work
    Develop chemistry with each company member to become familiar on how they play etc.
    To help each other become better Halo players.

  3. Fun & Competition
    Enjoy game nights/Custom games with the spartan company
    improve your competitive skill level by teaching the different strategies, call outs and tactics

  4. Try and unlock the Achilles mythic Armour set
    By reaching rank 3 and 5 in all spartan kills company commendations