Do the devs use this forum?

I feel like I have no influence in anything really, just a consumer seen as another target to get money from


Although it may not seem like it, the developers are very attentive to this forum, I myself have spoken with one recently who responded to one of my topics.

The forum is used at least to some extent by devs at 343 Industries. However, they may not necessarily participate in the discussions. If I recall correctly, one of the primary purposes for the community mangers is to collect feedback from the community and one of the main sources for feedback are the forums on Halo Waypoint.

At the very least they have a team that looks at it. I feel like its hard for them to see serious posts past all the posts that just say “worst game ever wont play”. If you post level headed feedback devs can actually take note of player opinions.

“we see the community is split on or mostly positive on this topic”

*while referencing a topic that no one likes

It’s not enough… We need something more than just “We are working on it”

It feels like praying to God, you wait for an answer but you don’t know if you’ll get it (probably not). :joy:

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