Do the developers actually listen?

I was thinking about this recently, there’s obviously a lot of complaining that happens with pretty much everything 343 does because they never really add something the community has been asking for, like in the recent addition of the “classic” playlist, yes the community has been asking for a classic playlist, but what they were referring to and what 343 did is very different.

Then you look at things like theater that people have been begging for fixes for months and 343 hasn’t done jack -Yoink- for. My question is, i know they claim they listen to the community and they take ideas from these forums, but how much that people write on here actually is getting heard? my personal opinion is that they likely don’t even read this stuff, any new suggestions people put up are not getting heard and that’s fine if that’s how 343 wants to run things, but they shouldn’t act like they always do what the community wants because it’s almost the exact opposite.

If you look at what the trending topics on the forums on any given day, I can almost guarantee there will be one asking for a fix of something that is broken in the game, and i would also be willing to bet the odds of it getting fixed are quite low. this is why i wonder what is 343 trying to accomplish with waypoint if they don’t use it as a way to understand what the customers want, because as CoD has not figured out, you can’t get cocky and lazy and just assume these dumb customers will buy whatever -Yoink- we churn out, the developers need to listen to their fan base if they want to make more money in the future. people will not buy a game that does not interest them, so making a game nobody wants means fewer people are going to buy it, it’s simple math really.

I want to hear your thoughts on this.

343 listens to the “pros” which is why we don’t have assault.

They have listened. While certainly there are issues they could have moved faster on, imo. They most definitely aren’t going to do any and every thing the community argues/whines/asks for. So inevitably you will get some who feel like they don’t care.