Do Spartan 4s make any sounds or noises?

I haven’t hears any sounds from the Spartans in any gameplay. like when they die or even when they sprint lol no breathing. little things like this really annoy me. It also makes it seem like we’re playing with robots and not humans :confused:

To be honest, I haven’t picked up on it either, I’m gonna check out some gameplay footage to see if I can hear anything.

Yes there is :confused:

The audio hasn’t been finalized yet, not to mention the fact that we’re currently seeing the E3 build.

Ya, it sounds very weird without them actually making noises. However, this is an early build, and I assume they’re still working on that part.

Also remember that the Spartans arent actually killing each other,though i dont understand if they take a fatal assasination or get incinerated how they survive…just my thoughts i may be missing something here