Do Something With Boltshot! FFS!

i really cannot stand the Bolt shot about 75% of my deaths are from the gun. 313 Why would you make a default weapon a one shot kill. Did u make the game with no common sense. Fix your game!

Looking at your stats and your post is valid, and yes it annoying sometimes.

I like it.
It’s the Noob-tube of Halo 4, which is a good thing.
Not entirely sure if I can post outside video’s or links to outside video’s, but you should watch Extra Credits Season 5 episode 15 ‘Balancing for Skill’.

Long story short, it explains why there needs to be a low-skill weapon for newbs to use to get a one-over on the long-time veteran players.

The Boltshot should be just a Halo 2 pistol with a charge up mauler shot.

Not a Halo 2 pistol with a precision shotgun charge up shot.