Do some Commendations have no reward?

I received the Captured commendation in Dominion, but I have no idea what it unlocked or if it unlocked anything at all. Does anyone know if certain commendation unlock nothing?

Most of the gametype commendations only have a mastery reward for the ‘‘X victory in that gametype’’ commendation so yes.

Most commendations just give you exp, while a select few such as “First Strike - Master” will give you rewards. Also some you can see early but are locked, and when you do meet the requirement the star wont show up, it’ll only tell you when you level, and the unlocks are displayed.

If that is the case. Is there a completed list of commendations that do have rewards and ones that do not. Or is it too early for that list to exist?

Thanks guys for the quick replies

Spartan Slayer Master.
Assassinations Master.
Splatter Master.
Mounted Gun Master.
Any of the gametype victories.
Assistant Master.
From the Brink Master.
Weapons and Ordnance.