Do people still play online?

So yeah, does this game have a decent online playerbase? I’m thinking about picking it up again but only to play online. So if anyone could help me out here, how long does it take to find a match on average?


I put the game a few weeks ago and were stunned to see that I found matches faster than Halo 4 sometimes.

While the player count isn’t high, the MM system is good. Although the matches were horendously uneven

Based on the count in the upper right of the Matchmaking menu, there’s always between 3,000-7,000 people online and playing.

It depends on the playlist, but I can tell 1v1 has plenty of players and the matches only last 5-15 minutes.

Thanks for the help! So it sounds like Halo Wars is decently active then, just what I needed to know, will be picking up a copy soon :slight_smile:

I’ve been playing pretty hard for a solid month now and I can attest to what these guys have told you. I too can usually find a match faster than I can in Halo 4.

Finding a game isn’t tough. In fact, if you just want to play for fun, and you’re not bothered about bad teammates, then you’ll find a game incredibly quickly in UA 3’s playlist.

Prepare to learn the meta if you want to get good :wink:

Yeah, get the game. It’s pretty much the most solid and fun console RTS.

This is one of the first games that switched me from the PC master race into a console player. I’m able to pass myself off as a newbie pretty well on these forums, and I can tell you that yes, at least 15 Halo Wars players actually talk with each other. I’ve been here since the start, and let me tell you, I still like this game.

And you’ll probably have questions, so feel free to ask questions here. We answer them pretty well, sometimes.

I just started playing online again for this game and I love it! And it took me no time at all to find a game.

A lot of people play online, enough said.