do people still play halo 4?

Title says it all

I’m still playing Halo 4, I’ll even play the other Halo’s as well sometimes

Yes, too poor for xbox one…

i still play halo 4

I play it sometimes. I mostly play 3 and GoW though


Seems like everyone who doesn’t have an xbox one and plays halo does…

I have a One and exclusively play 4 on MCC (the only playlist there is). 60 fps is much better than the crappy 360 graphics.

I do its really fun.


Only one I still play multiplayer on, and I probably will not ever get a xbox one so I think I am stuck on halo 4 now.

I play Reach.

I still play it planning to play till level 130

For some reason, people still do.

I do, over the past week there has been an average of around two thousand or so people on whenever I play. I would stick to MCC but Halo 4 playlists don’t come up as much as I would like in Big Team Batle and going for the Halo 4 playlists exclusively often take too long to match make.

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> For some reason, people still do.

That’s silly to say. Halo 4 is still a fun game, and the MCC is -Yoink-, so why not play it?

Ive moved back to H3

I still play this. It’s my favorite game.

4 and Reach, yes. can’t wait for 5, however.

Yep. As I’m typing this there are 6021 players on. about 2k in the highest and 120 in the least.

Sad numbers compared to prior games but still good enough to find games which is all I care about :slight_smile: