Do people really remember Reach progress?

When the game launched there was a cap of 120,000 credits per day. This means hitting the cap every day still would take 167 days to hit max rank of Inheritor and unlock everything. On average you got about 600-1,200 credits per game so you’d have to play 100-200 games to hit the credit cap every day. I played about 2,500+ games of Reach and I wasn’t even 1/5th of the way to max rank.

There were challenges to do but these challenges rewarded you barely anything, for example 4,000 multiplayer Hammer/Sword kills would net you around 6,500 credits. Just over 5% of the daily cap. A lot of people just resorted to checkpoint scumming campaign to make credit gaining a bit quicker (must have been dreadfully boring though). Due to this insane grind, skill was not really rewarded with progress.

You got about 20 armour sets overall, 5 visors and some awful armour effects. Some people will like some of the armour and probably feel others are terrible, either way you aren’t going to be using all the sets regularly. No weapon skins either.

To get every map it cost $40 so let’s say for buying all content it was $100 and playing the game obsessively every day it would still take you half a year of playing 12+ hours a day to hit max rank and unlock all the cosmetic items through natural play.

If you spend $100 on Halo Infinite you will not get 20 armour sets. Well actually you might across 10 battle passes, but that’s beside the point. You can now buy exactly what you want, but you’ll have more maps to play on and more continuous updates (something Reach did not have). If you spend $100 on Halo Infinite you’ll have plenty of variety in how your Spartan looks and tailor it to your liking (this may not be the case right now as the game is only a week old, much more stuff to come).

Something Halo Infinite needs to improve is the colours, I don’t think there are enough free to users. I’d say let people pick their base colour and shoulders like in previous games and have multiple colours, and colours that cover different areas (like Scorpion red arm) restricted to the shop/battle pass. This will hopefully satisfy a lot more people in terms of basic customisation. They can still heavily monetise armour coatings while still allowing more freedom to those in the community that can’t afford it. I also would like to see more regular Fracture events. If there is only one Fracture event all season then that’s very disappointing. I am hoping we get a different event each week with Tenrai coming back every few weeks, I’m sure via this method we will have more free armour customisations in no time.

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Stopped you right there. EVERYTHING in Reach gave xp. I had about 1.5k non custom game MP matches and I was Legend rank by the time I quit.


Yes playing a lot of firefight helped.

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Completing Onyx level challenges did as well I didn’t play that much firefight.

They were really low value though, unless you checkpoint scummed in which case you could get a decent amount per hour in the most boring way possible.

Everyone checkpoint scummed that challenge. EVERYONE.

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That’s just what I’m saying about progress man, it was slow as hell on Reach ha.

People also seem to forget that there was a rank cap in the early days as well. If I remember correctly, nobody could get passed Lieutenant or Commander without the entire Halo Community collectively completing 117,000 challenges (or it might have been 117,000,000).

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Ah yes I had completely forgotten about that!!

Dude you could legit hit inheritor in 4 months if you’re dedicated enough and you already had everything except haunted way before inheritor as someone who loves infinite this xp system is wayyyyy slower as we have to rely on weekly challenges

Like no joke I hit inheritor by playing Grifball until I hit the daily cap every day which for me took 2 and half hours to hit the cap than I went to customs because I loved how the blue visor made the haunted skull look like coal which paired really well with my legendary armor effect

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Not for years when the game came out, it was capped.

It’s still capped lol 250000 iirc legit your acting like it took years to hit inheritor if you hit the cap every day like they changed the cap when they introduced the jackpot iirc and this is coming from someone who lost two accounts(1 at general grade 4 and one If I remember correctly was at field Marshall)

Did they start giving out more exp per game? When I used to play it would take you about 10,000+ games to do it which is years to me brother.

The longer the games the more cR you got at the end of a match like if you played a really long game of Grifball where every round going to sudden death and tie you would get 20k credits at the higher ranks

Reach’s progression was sure far from perfect, but you didn’t have to pay 20 dollars for white and EVA. You could simply earn XP and credits playing the game, and weren’t left with either having next to no customization options or paying $10-20 a piece for armor sets and colors. You paid, lets say $100, for everything in the game provided you actually played it (and it was actually complete! What an oddity in 2021). You can get at max 10 sets for that cost buying stuff outright in Infinite, if we ignore that the Battlepass, while on paper is cheaper, is still an egregious grind ON TOP of a paywall to even get much of anything besides challenge swaps from that grind. Making the game free isn’t an excuse to charge people 1/3rd of the price of a Triple AAA game for a single set of armor.


I think my thoughts are just I’d rather have a handful of armour sets I really like than 50 I don’t, which is now a fraction of the price. I don’t need a complete set because I’d never use a complete set, not even close.

The armour coatings I like a lot, I think we have more personality now than we ever have, however I am coming round to the idea we can do that while still giving players the basic colour wheel. Armour coatings could just be for advanced combinations (and as someone else said patterns/textures).

I’d love to see the store bundles sell individual items too from the bundle. I think most people would agree they aren’t buying the bundle for the vehicle emblem, or the shoulder pads - typically players want 1-2 of the main things and they know this. The prices for the content are off putting to me right now and I haven’t seen anything I’ve thought twice about yet (except eSports skins although again am put off by the fact they are kits and cannot be used on other cores).