Do people just not know how to play? (WZFF)

I’m at a 4 loss streak right now (solo), and have won all of 4 games today, playing around 20 games. I understand people don’t want to use their “precious” req’s, but come on guys, not using them is worse than using them only for the boss/round/game to be over 30 seconds later.

And then there’s those people who stand outside the base as it’s being captured… Do they not realise that if you go in the base, even for a split moment, it interrupts the cap? Hell, just run in and run upstairs causing confusion, it still stops the cap allowing for the rest of the team to go in.

And how about the people who just up and abandon their vehicles all because they can’t get a clear shot on something. I’ve seen at least 5 scorpions get abandoned in WZFF all because they can’t get a clear shot, and one person actually spawned a Scorpion, saw a Gauss Warthog sitting idle, got out of his tank, into the Gauss, drove outside and instantly died. I didn’t know whether to laugh or be pissed.

We shouldn’t forget those who can’t focus fire on a target. Yes, I understand that you run out of ammo, or you draw aggro… But that’s why you shouldn’t be out in the open, and should always make sure you know where the nearest ammo supply is. It’s not that hard to take out Deacon Pipap or Warden Eternal if you just focus your fire. Forget about the adds, only take out what you need to get a clear shot, don’t actively chase them, you’ll lose the round, and I see it happening more than I care to admit. Times we could’ve won if they just stopped targetting the adds.

Also, driving. Warthog drivers in general. This is a BIG one for me. If you see a large group of heavily armoured and armed enemies that are in a defendable postion (like example, defending those 2 generators on Escape from Arc in the Crane Pit), DON’T drive into them. This is how you DIE and end up really peeving your team-mates off, especially the gunner who is shouting “The absolute wakka and tidus are you doing!?”. I’ve had countless encounters with drivers who do this, they see a group of enemies, not realising there’s a fuel rod or a hunter/knight in there, and drive straight into them.

I guess next is the betrayers. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! I understand a betrayal by accident, when someone’s driving a hog or a ghost, they round a corner just as you come out and they clean you up within a second of coming around the corner. The driver doesn’t have much time to react, and even then they’re going to at least take your shields down because they’re going at speed. But come on guys, seeing someone and just running them over because you can? Or because they decided not to get in your warthog turret? That’s just petty, and you really should be kicked for doing it. The kick limit for betrayals is 2 in a match (from experience), yet I would LOVE the option to kick someone instantly if the system recognizes them as a known betrayer (at least 5 betrayals every 10 matches or something). It’s not funny, it’s not cool, and you’re just ASKING for someone to DDoS you or revenge kill you.

Last but not least whilst I’m at it… The amount of times I see people griefing others is too damn high. You have a rocket, or fuel rod, or some other type of weapon… And they take it upon themselves to stand in front of you as you fire, making you commit suicide, and then they pick up your weapon that you just wasted a good amount of REQ Points for, and waste it… It makes me want to scream down the mic at you, and I don’t think I’m alone in this.

Well I guess this ends my rant… And now we await the backlash

people this days man.

I know what you say, I know what you mean.

Yeah some players can be, less desirable in that mode. Sometimes i wonder why lower ranks are playing wzff becuase they dont have the gear to play on round 4-5.

Everyone plays how they want to play. It might not be the best or the most desirable given the situation but you can’t exactly dictate how they play the game. Sure, it might piss you and others off but when has there ever been a gamer who hasn’t done it at least once?

I’m just here to enjoy the game, and I’ll enjoy it how I want to enjoy it. If it pisses other people of, then oh well.

Welcome to the Firefight rant group brother.

I have been using WZF to fine tune my elite controller.

I still cant seem to get myself to use any of my rare REQs unless they are at least 30 of them. It’s just because in WZ there is a very good chance I might die even before I set foot outside the base, and weapons quickly disappear, I lost beam rifles, scattershots and rocket launchers that way. However I am generous with the Scorpion. If its Round 5, its Tank-Time!

If you really want to win all the time you can’t lone wolf WZFF.
343I built this unbalanced mode’s waves like it’s either a LASO mission or a round of Reach FF Arcade with no middle ground at all.

F this game. That’s all I will say. I came close to breaking something yesterday.

I always pick the best reqs but I had a streak yesterday where everything, my best weapons, best vehicles, got destroyed without 1 use because I got killed in a second. I hate when that happens and it pissed me off so much I ended up not using any reqs and stopped playing altogether. Either enemies spawn where you spawn vehicles or they 1 shot kill your tank WOW, or you pick a great weapon req and someone kills you from the other side of the map. Or when you’re in a banshee and a wraith has perfect aim from the other side of the map. Do you know how impossible it is for us to aim with the wraith and kill a banshee ? Yet they place every shot perfectly from so far away. It boggles my mind. Stuff like this annoys me the most and it just stops me from using reqs and playing the game.