Do people die from the composer?

So wait what happened to the people at the Ivanoff station, New Phoenix, and the ones on Charum Hakkor? Did they really die?

I don’t believe so.
I think they were simply stored in the Composer.
But not in a Human state.
They were broken down into pure energy.

I think that’s how it works…

They are dead. All that’s left is some sort of code like DNA or something which can be used to make Prometheans.

It stores an exact copy of your brain patterns and DNA, then destroys the original. So even though its technically not the same “you” (since the original died), it is for all intents and purposes an exact replica and continuation of you.

Short description: Copy/paste a file, delete the original.

They need to come to earth right now and do this… Nothing would be greater than capturing me. IMMAGINE AN ARMY OF STEVE!!!

> They need to come to earth right now and do this… Nothing would be greater than capturing me. IMMAGINE AN ARMY OF STEVE!!!

But then you’re gone and it’s just a bunch of replicas of you you’ll never get to see.

I was just as heartbroken when I found out too. :frowning:

> Ivanoff station

Lost their minds.

As far as I can tell, the Composer converts the mind of a human into data, which it uses as a template to create an AI that serves as a driver for a Promethean Knight. That’s how I comprehend it, anyway.

They were composed.

I don’t know what this means myself, but on a basic form. I think that they were combined with the Composer as Intelligences that can be programmed and reprogrammed to perform different functions and operate within different bodies.

Hence the Promethean knights and that sort.

Hmm this a yes and a no at the same time, kinda hard to say exactly.Though they were indeed digitized and when Cortana said she could hear them.Which most likely meant that their thought processes had not ceased at the exact moment when they were composed.Which leaves me to believe they are still alive but in another state.It was stated that the composer’s original function and purpose was to escape the flood by getting rid of the organic body which would leave nothing for the flood to feed on.

“In Halo 4, it is revealed that the Composer was intended to bridge the physical and digital realms, thereby making the Forerunners immortal. However, the device was flawed; the stored personalities fragmented and attempts to restore them to biological form failed.” -Halo Nation

In short it’s primary function and purpose was not to kill, but create an army to combat the flood with little to no drawback.Though the composed have little to no freedom of choice in the matter.It was also stated on Halo Nation that Dr. Halsey created a similiar device called the “AI Matrix Compiler”.

I will have to say no, they don’t die since the composed being’s could be brought back to their former state of being.Though since that feature in the Composer is flawed it is currently not possible.

They as a person die, like in most theoretical methods of teleporting, you/a lab rat/the lunch you left at home is broken down into pure data and stored, this can then be made into an exact copy, however, the original is dead, even though the copy is exactly the same.

The problem the Composer had was that the copies made biologically were flawed abominations, the best they could get out of it were the Promethean Knights.

Yes. From the cutscene, definitely in a very painful manner.

Then they get their memories and whatnot into a digital format and just copy it to a Promethean “brain” and control them from there.

I guess it really depends on how one can define death. If all your consciousness and personality and memory is left intact, and can be transferred, does that count as death?

Dude, didn’t you get the memo?

It kills the body, but not the mind

I made a thread like this a couple months ago, asking the same question. Just like now, I got mixed answers.

The Librarian said that the Composer “would have made them immortal”, which would imply that your consciousness gets transferred, rather than copied and pasted. The Composer would not have been very useful to the Forerunners for ‘immortality’ if it ended up just killing the original being and creating an exact copy of their mind.

Seeing as how their bodies disintegrated and they got turned into binary, I’d say yes.