Do NOT nerf the mangler

I’ve seen that the mangler is going to be nerfed soon… for some reason. It’s a very under used weapon currently and out of my entire discord group, I’m the only one willing to pick it up at all. It’s pretty balanced, on par with the assault rifle or sidekick. So why exactly is it being nerfed? Why is an under used weapon being nerfed? Why are weak weapons, like the pulse carbine, not being buffed first?

Are we seriously going to mess up the mangler because a couple of pros think it’s too strong? I think this is a big mistake and I am very disappointed.


PC fanbois do not like the gun and keep comparing it to The Mauler from Halo 3, wanting it to be a far more close-range weapon .

Some people don’t like the Mangler because it’s fun to use, so it’ll be the new Ravager soon.


It is almost as if players don’t want the Brute Weapons to be actually good weapons.


I commit war crimes with that thing, I love it. But still I think it should stay the same but be more tactically placed on maps. Maybe increase the respawn timer so its not constantly a threat in every engagement.

Problem is in comp play, not in the gun itself. It spawns too frequently for a weapon that has the same close range one shot melee kill potential as the bulldog and heatwave (tier 2 power weapons), while also being a much longer range 3hit kill. You can potentially have 3-4 on the map at once that are arguably better than higher tier CQB weapons. They won’t change the gun itself; just make it either less frequent in spawning, or can’t be another in the game at the game time from that spawn (dynamic).

The big issue in high level competitive games is the fact that it spawns too quickly, I would prefer a longer respawn for the weapon rather than a complete nerf.


The Mangler is perfectly fine as it is. I can only interpret the cries for its nerfing as an attempt at sabotage. There are people who would love to see this game fail, and slowly getting each weapon ruined is an easy way of doing it.

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo… … … Overwatch and Rainbow Six Siege?

It’s literally the mauler but shoots a lot farther. Also wtf does this have anything to do with PC players?

The mauler was a short range shotgun from Halo 3 that only had great effect if you were dual-wielding them.

The mangler is a spike-shot that has an arc that you have to calculate for by aiming higher.

PC fanbois are angry because this this is able to act as a sniper pistol, so why bother picking up the actual gun that is perfect for PC - AKA, the actual sniper?