Do not invest time into Project Contingency (P:)

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I have played most if not all of the Halo games both through my childhood & teens.

I would say I have a firm grasp of the community vs the propaganda that 343i tried to push so heavily with Halo 4 and Halo 5.

Herein lies the problem:
When you make several bad games in a respected franchise, the main stake players will find some other game OR better yet; a fan game.
Something made by fans for the fans, sounds good right? As trump would say “WRONG!”.

I’m not sure if this behaviour is applicable to most fan games, or AAA games in general but I’m noticing more and more the people who go into game development have intense social & personality problems. But uh Nightly how does this relate to Project Contingency?

P:C or Project Contingency has the problems I have just listed and given context for. I have Discord DM’s, screenshots and recorded proof of the bizarre but without a doubt crappy behaviour of the team behind this “fan game”. <mark>Redacted</mark>

He banned me for showing a dislike towards Halo 5 as a game, subsequently he proclaims I “bullcrap through my teeth” any chance he gets.

TL;DR Do not get hyped up for Project Contingency as the staff are abusive & cannot take criticism.