Now Halo 5 is considered the worst game in the Halo franchise, sure it has great music but that is besides the point. Now halo 6 is the next game in the Reclaimer saga and no one wants the whole saga a steaming pile of horse crap. Now first off campaign, don’t do that crappy 3 billion main character thing whatever because that was stupid we didn’t know who were the protagonists or or the antagonists, because first there is Jul Mc donalds who was killed in the first mission there was the Warden who was just a re accuring boss fight character and Cortana who was just there because the old fans who didn’t want her to go so they revived her with magic. And also DO NOT FALSE ADVERTISE IT TELLING US THAT LOCKE IS THE BAD GUY AND THEN HAVING HIM BEING A REPLACEMENT FOR CHIEF!!! Oh and don’t make the armor and weapons look like plastic again. And finally, please just dear god please remove the steaming turd known as the REQ system. :smiley:

Good luck with that.

Add splits screen in to Halo 6 and then worry about other things.